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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  • Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Cake

    Wedding Cake comes from two hybrid parents, bringing perfect balance to any celebration or quiet night in. As its name would suggest, it’s best known for tasting like sweet and sugary wedding cake. This is what its creators originally intended, and it’s just one of the reasons this is such a highly sought-after strain still today. Continue reading

  • Growing Magic Mushrooms

    Psilocybin mushrooms, more commonly known as ‘magic mushrooms’ are a type of fungi that contains psychedelic properties. Today, many people use these mushrooms to transform their mind and become high. Historically, it’s thought they were used in religious rites and ceremonies. Continue reading

  • What Does OG Stand For, and Where did it Originate?

    OG stands for Ocean Grown.’  


    Where did OG originate from? 

    There are a number of theories surrounding where the term OG originates from. Cannabis enthusiasts will always mention them whenever talking about some of the best marijuana strains. This is because at the top of that list is OG Kush. This legendary strain is an indica dominant strain that has quickly risen to the top of premium strains. However, just how did it get its name? That is the part up for wide debate. Continue reading

  • Bongs and Bowls: How to Pack a Bowl of Weed

    To ‘pack a bowl’ means to pack weed into the bowl of a pipe or bong before smoking it. So, how do you do it? Continue reading

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