Blunt wraps are one of the finest ways to enjoy your weed.  Here’s the basics of what you need to know about them. 

What are blunt wraps? 

A blunt is basically cannabis smoked through a tobacco wrapper.  At least, that’s the traditional definition.  These days, you can buy “tobacco-free” blunt wraps.  These give you a similar experience without you actually consuming tobacco.  In the old days, people made blunts by emptying cigars and using the wrappers.  Some people still do this.  These days, however, people often just buy “stand-alone” blunt wraps.  Basically, these are empty cigar wrappers (or their tobacco-free equivalents). 

Joint vs Blunt 

Joints are rolled with thin paper.  Blunts are rolled with thick, tobacco wraps (or a tobacco-free counterpart).  This means that the paper used in a joint (while important) has minimal taste.  The paper used in a blunt, by contrast, merges with the flavor of the cannabis.  It’s a very different experience.  For the sake of completeness, both joints and blunts are both filled only with weed.  Spliffs are made with a mixture of weed and tobacco.  They are usually made with thin paper.  In principle, however, they could be made with blunt wraps. 

10 best blunt wraps for weed 

Here is a run-down of the best blunt wraps for your weed.  We’ve included a mixture of tobacco and tobacco-free blunt wraps.  We’ve also suggested some flavored blunt wraps.  There’s also our top “gas station pick”. 

ACID Cigarillos 

These are made from natural leaf.  This makes them a little bit of a challenge to roll.  They are harder to stick together than many other brands.  The payoff, however, is that you capture more of the flavor of your cannabis. 

High Hemp Organic Wraps 

If you are a novice then these may well be the best blunt wraps for you.  They are absolutely super easy to roll.  This has the added benefit of limiting the amount of cannabis you need to use to make a decent blunt.  They burn really well and, they even come with their own carb.  Added to all this, they’re organic.  What’s not to love. 

Juicy Wraps

Juicy Wraps do actually have quite a strong flavor.  It’s quite sweet and a bit heavy.  They’re not sold as flavored blunt wraps, though, so we put them here.  In terms of economy, these may be the best blunt wraps around.  They certainly have the best burn time out of any of the blunt wraps we’ve found.  Roll them properly and you can smoke for a good 45 minutes. 

Bonus tip, stop just before you think you should.  Trust us on this.  Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a mouth full of wrap wishing you’d listened. 

King Palm 

King Palm is less a wrap and more a cone.  All you need to do is stuff it and smoke it.  The good news is that this means you don’t actually need to learn how to roll a blunt.  So if you want the blunt experience without the learning curve, these are definitely the best blunt “wraps” for you.  Having said that you need a lot of bud to fill them and they do burn quite quickly.  On the plus side, the taste is very reasonable. 

Shine Premium Shade Leaf Wrap 

If you’re up for a big challenge with a solid payoff, then you may just love Shine blunt wraps.  These are tobacco leaves which have been picked, cured and individually packed.  These are a bit of a challenge to roll.  Master the skill, however, and your bud will look the part as well as taste it.  There are some flavored versions available.  The natural version, however, seems to be the main one. 

Twisted Help Wraps 

If you’re on a budget, but still want one of the best blunt wraps around, they try Twisted Hemp Wraps.  With a bit of practice, you can push a serious amount of bud into them.  With a carb, you can stop that bud landing in your mouth every time you inhale. 

Best flavored blunt wraps 

Mintys Mint Wraps 

If you like mint then these are definitely the best blunt wraps for you.  They only hold a limited amount of bud.  This may be a pro or a con, depending on your point of view.  They do, however, burn for a surprisingly long time.  They are also very easy to roll. 

Grapeape High Help Wraps 

Grapeape is an obvious partner for Granddaddy Purps.  It also tastes great with any other berry weed.  This blunt wrap is a good all-rounder.  It rolls well and it smokes well. 

Zig Zag 

Zig Zag have long been known as the brand for flavored blunt wraps.  Most of them are fruit flavor.  Blueberry appears to be the most popular.  There’s also the option of vanilla.  As an added bonus, these wraps come with a straw.  This can be very handy for packing your blunt. 

Best blunt wraps at gas stations 

Swisher Sweets 

There just seems to be something about Swisher Sweets and gas stations.  Basically, you seem to be able to pick these up at any gas station anywhere.  That might be because they last so long before going stale.  There might be a connection between their long life span and the fact that, honestly, they can taste a bit like cardboard.  On the plus side, they do burn really well. 

How to roll a blunt 


Step 1. Split the cigar down the middle.  The key to a successful split is to work from the end which burns to the mouth end, using a sharp knife (carefully). 

Step 2. Empty out the tobacco.  Work slowly.  It’s important to keep the cigar wrapper intact. 

Step 3. Grind your weed.  You want it to be like popcorn rather than powder.  Basically, you want the air to be able to flow through the nugs. 

Step 4. Load up the blunt.  Pile up the bud in the centre and ease off as you move towards the ends.  The weed will spread out as you roll.  Be generous with your filling.  Blunts which are underfilled tend to collapse very easily. 

Step 5.

Option one: Fold the short end of the blunt wrapper so it is under the weed.  Keep rolling backwards and forwards until your blunt forms itself. 

Option two: Start at the mouth end of the wrapper.  Tuck the wrap under the weed and roll it forward.  Keep moving along the wrapper until you have your blunt. 

In either case, once you have rolled your blunt, use a cigarette lighter to bond the seal.  Watch your distance.  You want to apply enough heat to melt the bunt wrapper slightly.  You do not want to light the blunt (yet). 

Tidy up your work.  Give your blunt a bit of a rub down to even out the contents. 

Now lick the edge of your wrapper and seal it up properly.