Anyone that knows how to harvest marijuana knows there’s a lot of trimming involved. Finding the right trimming scissors for the job is important. If you don’t get the right kind, not only will they be uncomfortable to use, but you could also damage your bud.  

What are the Different Types of Trimming Scissors?

There are many different types of trimmers. The type you use will depend on your own personal preference, as well as the stage of harvest you are in. 

Pruning shears have strong, thick blades. That makes them perfect for chopping down large stalks to dry. Some growers use pruning shears to cut down the entire stalk. Others use them to chop off smaller branches and then leave them in a hanging basket to dry. 

Micro tip trimming scissors come to a needle-like point and are perfect for getting in and around the small crevices of the bud. These scissors allow you to trim off as much leaf as you can, without taking off any of the bud. Curved blade trimming scissors allow you to do the same thing. The curve allows you to reach around buds and get even the smallest leaves.

best bud trimming scissors for marijuana

Spring loaded scissors mainly provide more comfort when trimming your bud. A spring located in the handle of the scissors means you have to move your fingers less. Even the slightest pressure on the handle will let you get into tiny spaces around the bud.

Non-stick bud scissors are just that. Anyone that knows how to trim bud knows what a messy job it can be. These trimming scissors have a teflon coating on the blades so those sticky trichomes don’t get stuck on the blade, rather than end up in your bowl.

Best Qualities to Look For in Trimming Scissors for Cannabis

When looking for bud trimming scissors, there are a number of things to look for.

The first, and most important, is comfort. You’ll be using your bud trimming scissors for long periods of time at once. If they’re not comfortable, they’re not going to let you do the good job you need. Likewise, you also want to make sure any trimming scissors you use are easy to use for you. This will prevent strain, particularly if you have a lot of bud to trim.

You also want to make sure you’re using the right kind of blades for the job. Intricate work may require curved or micro tip trimming scissors. If you’re trimming strains high in THC, you may also want to get non-stick blades so they don’t gunk up on you too quickly.

Top 3 Best Trimming Scissors for Marijuana

So, now that you know what to look for, what are the best scissors for trimming weed on the market right now?

Grow1 Titanium Coated Curved Blade Trimming Scissors

First and foremost, you’ll want pruning sheers that have a strong titanium blade. These feel heavy enough to let you know they’re durable, but they’re very easy to use. The sharp blades easily cut through the thickest stalks, and the built-in ball bearing allow them to open and close easily.

Titanium Blade Shears

Advantages of titanium-blade pruning shears:

  • Super sharp 
  • Durable titanium blade 
  • It's ideal for cutting curved angle

Disadvantages of titanium-blade pruning shears:

  • Spring not strong enough
  • Not ideal for precision trimming

Vivosun Curved Blades

If you need something that will allow for more intricate work than pruning shears can provide, youll want to get the Vivosun Curved Blades. These are more suitable for smaller branches than they are thick, main stalks. 

vivosun curved blade trimming scissors

Advantages of Vivosun Curved Blades:

  • Soft rubber grip you can hold for hours 
  • High-quality steel means theyre durable 
  • Lightweight and easy to hold in the hands 

Disadvantages of Vivosun Curved Blades:

  • Difficult to sharpen 
  • Doesnt provide a lot of control when trimming 

Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Curved Blade Pruner

Another option for trimming leaves and getting around your bud without damaging them is the Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Curved Blade Pruner. These also have a titanium blade, but come to a point for more precision.  

Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Curved Blade Pruner

Advantages of the Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Curved Blade Pruner: 

  • Long-lasting spring 
  • Prevents hands from cramping 
  • Curved blades let get around even the smallest buds 

Disadvantages of the Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Curved Blade Pruner: 

  • Become sticky and gum up easily 
  • Expensive

How to Maintain and Clean Your Trimming Scissors

Its important to regularly clean your trimming scissors so you can extend the life of them and ensure they’re easy to use whenever you need them. The first step is to decide what you want to use to clean them.

Cleaning Options for Your Bud Trimming Scissors

If you have rubbing alcohol, you can place some into a glass or other container. Place your scissors into the solution, making sure the blades are fully submerged. Let them soak for about half an hour, and the resin and sticky stuff should come right off.  

If you dont have any alcohol, you can also try using white vinegar. Just soak a clean cloth in the vinegar and then wipe down the blades of your trimming scissors. You may have to do this a few times, as vinegar is not as effective at cutting through the resin as alcohol.

Lastly, if you dont have any alcohol or white vinegar, you can use a citrus solution. Combine equal parts baking soda and coconut oil in a container. Add natural citrus oil and mix. Working over something to catch drippings, apply this mixture liberally over the blades of your scissors. Then, just use a clean cotton ball or cloth to wipe the mixture, and residue, off your blades. 

Before trying any of these methods, first scrape as much resin as you can off the blades. Use a scalpel or an extremely sharp knife and run it down the length of your trimming scissors blade. Make sure you do this over a small bowl that can catch all the goodness.

Oiling Your Trimming Scissors

To get the most out of your trimming blades, it’s important you oil them before every use. Using vegetable or olive oil, wipe it over the blades, paying particular attention to the pivot point. Then, carefully wipe off all oil before trimming. This will keep your scissors smooth and easy to use for a much longer period of time.

Every grower needs a pair of trimming scissors, but it’s not easy to tell which ones are the best. Follow the tips in this post and you’ll find your scissors last for many harvests to come.