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  1. What is considered high THC?
    What is considered high THC?
    With the growing demand for increasingly potent cannabis strains, breeders around the world are all competing to produce the highest THC strains. The result of this race to the top has seen a drastic change in the potency of cannabis strains hitting the shelves of dispensaries. But what is considered high THC and how has this changed in recent years?   With cannabis strains currently ranging from 0 – 34% THC, “what is considered high THC” has been a constantly changing number for the last 30 years. Currently at MSNL we would consider any cannabis strain over 20% as a high THC strain which we will explain further detail using a THC chart (below). The upper limit of lab tested strains right now is around the 30-35% THC mark. However, when you consider that only a decade ago strains as low as 15% THC were considered potent, the real question we should be asking, is there a limit to the THC and CBD levels that a plant can produce?   Lets take a closer look at what the future of THC holds and if THC really matters when judging the potency of a strain.  Continue reading →
  2. What are the most popular marijuana strains in the US and why?
    What are the most popular marijuana strains in the US and why?
    In recent years, there’s been a huge increase in the number of states that have legalized the medicinal or personal use of cannabis. Of the 34 states where cannabis is legal, more than half also allow home-grown plants too. With an increasing number of people enjoying the benefits of visiting dispensaries or growing their own, new trends in favorite strains...
  3. What Are The Benefits Of THC Oil?
    What Are The Benefits Of THC Oil?
    Introduction Cannabis contains over one hundred known cannabinoids, but only two of those have truly entered the public consciousness - THC and CBD, with CBN not too far behind. As the war on drugs slowly winds down and medicinal cannabis becomes a viable option for patients worldwide, it’s no longer just your classic stoner who is looking for access to...

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  1. How to calculate THC dosages in marijuana edibles
    How to calculate THC dosages in marijuana edibles
    Edibles are recently trending amongst beginner and veteran cannabis users alike. Not only do they serve as an alternative to traditional smoking methods, but they serve extra potency, too. Which is a factor that can cause a problem for some users. Edible dosage and exact potencies can be confusing and somewhat complicated to figure out. But don’t worry, once you...
  2. How to flush marijuana out of your system and pass a drug test
    How to flush marijuana out of your system and pass a drug test
    The chemical found in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can stay within a person’s body anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on many factors. This is not such a great thing when a person is required to submit a drug test. The good news however, is that there are certain steps that you can take to help speed up...
  3. The science behind the weed whitey
    The science behind the weed whitey
    The term “whitey” seems to be most frequently used in the UK, but anyone familiar with cannabis use will probably know the term “white out” or at least the concept. Basically, it covers a specific form of negative reaction to cannabis, which can vary from relatively mild dizziness and a feeling of weakness to severe nausea and occasional loss of consciousness.  Sufferers generally go pale, hence the term. Continue reading →
  4. F1, F2, S1 – What do They Mean for Your Weed?
    F1, F2, S1 – What do They Mean for Your Weed?
    Once someone has become a master grower, they can then work towards being a master breeder. While growers are simply taking seeds and growing them into beautiful plants, they are growing something that nature, or someone else, has actually created. However, when one becomes a breeder, they get to truly play god by breeding different strains together, making seeds, and...
  1. Natural highs: 7 animals who enjoy getting high
    Natural highs: 7 animals who enjoy getting high
    Everyone likes to get high. Whether having a cup of coffee in the morning or a beer in the afternoon, mind-altering substances are just a day-to-day part of our routines. While you might think that us humans are the only ones who like to get our kicks, there are in fact many species that seek out kicks of their own. Continue reading →
  2. What are the benefits of consuming raw cannabis?
    What are the benefits of consuming raw cannabis?
    Cannabis has been used for over 2,000 years to treat different health conditions and ailments and using the plant for its medicinal properties isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Continue reading →
  3. What is a Cannabis Topical?
    What is a Cannabis Topical?
    While smoking, vaping and edibles are now all mainstream methods of benefiting from medical marijuana, topical applications are still something of a niche area, so much so that they may need a little explanation. Continue reading →
  4. The History of Cannabidiol (CBD)
    The History of Cannabidiol (CBD)
    Like many traditional medical plants, the marijuana plant has long been recognized as beneficial, without people really understanding why.  Historical records show that the marijuana plant has been cultivated for thousands of years. And that it has served all kinds of purposes, in addition to being used as a source of medicine because of it's cannabinoids like cannabidiol. Continue reading →
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