After you have used your glass bowl pipe several times, it’s going to become very dirty. Resin will start to cake up the inside of it, giving anything you smoke an unpleasant taste and smell. Additionally, resin is full of carbon and carcinogens, so it’s best if you’re not smoking residue all the time. What is the best way to clean a glass smoking pipes, though? It turns out you have several options when it’s time to clean yours.

Whats the Fastest Way to Clean a Glass Pipe? 

While there are many ways to clean glass smoking pipes, the fastest way to do it is with isopropyl alcohol and some course salt. This method only takes a few minutes, unless your pipe or bong is really gnarly. In that instance, it may have to sit in the solution overnight. In most cases however, cleaning your pipe or bong with alcohol and salt will give you a clean tool to enjoy your bud.  

How Often Should You Clean a Glass Pipe? 

Cannabis bud in glass pipe being held next to mouth

Its not uncommon for people to hold off on cleaning their pipes or bongs for months. Some simply don’t know how to do it, while others like to see the colors of their apparatus change over time. However, whatever the reason, it’s important to clean glass pipe and bongs regularly.

Glass smoking pipes should be cleaned at least once a week. Bongs on the other hand, should be cleaned daily. Bongs have to be cleaned more regularly because they have water in them. That can mold, causing great health problems for anyone that inhales it, and can also attract unwanted pests.  

How to Clean a Glass Bowl or Pipe with Alcohol 

91% Isopropyl Alcohol bottle

The most common way to clean glass smoking pipes is with alcohol. So, how to clean a pipe with alcohol? By following these simple steps.

Start by removing any loose debris thats in the pipe. Simply turn it upside down, outside or over a sink, and gently tap on it. Dont worry about getting into crevices. This step is simply to remove loose debris, so cleaning it will be easier. 

Next, pour enough isopropyl alcohol into the bag to completely submerge the glass smoking pipes. The alcohol should be 90 percent concentrate, as 71 percent isn’t strong enough to fully dissolve all the resin. Once your alcohol is inside add about one tablespoon of course salt to the bag. This will act like an agitator, and scrub the inside of your pipe.

Next, hold the bag closed and shake it around for one or two minutes. This will help loosen the dirt inside. Keep shaking until you see that your pipe is clean. If the pipe is extremely dirty, you may have to soak it in alcohol for several hours, or even overnight.

Once your pipe is clean, remove it from the bag and rinse it with hot water to remove any alcohol or salt. The dirty water in the bag should be flushed down the toilet, as you may still smell it if you pour it down the sink.

If small spots of resin still remain after this, you can dip a cotton swab into some alcohol and use it to spot clean your pipe. If there are water marks on your pipe, or any other stains that are not resin, you can soak the pipe for ten to fifteen minutes. This time, use a combination of warm water and lemon juice.

How to Clean Your Bong or Pipe Without Alcohol 

While alcohol is a very effective cleaning agent, not everyone likes to use it. Isopropyl alcohol is toxic to inhale, as are other chemicals, such as nail polish remover. For those that are concerned about these hazards, there are other ways to clean glass smoking pipes.

The first is to use boiling water. Again, start by knocking out any loose debris or dirt from the pipe. Then, bring a small pot of water to a boil. Reduce the temperature so the water is just simmering. You must be sure there is enough water to fully cover the pipe the entire time it’s in the water. Otherwise, it could shatter.

Place your pipe into the pot and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. When done, use oven mitts and tongs to remove the pipe from the water. It will be very hot, so be careful. Inspect it to determine if all the dirt was removed. If not, you may have to repeat the process. You can first try using a cotton swab to remove any remaining residue.  

Vinegar and Lemon

Again, if there are water stains you can soak it in a mixture of lemon juice for a few minutes. You can then let your pipe air dry. 

Those wondering how to clean a bong might find success using a homemade bong cleanser.  One of the most popular ways to do this to clean glass smoking pipes is to fill a Tupperware container with enough water to cover the pipe. Gently drop your pipe in and then add two or three denture tablets. Denture tablets are designed to get rid of stains and residue. Additionally, the fizzing action will help remove the resin inside the pipe.

You can also clean glass smoking pipes with vinegar. To do this, you follow the same steps you would when using isopropyl alcohol. You’ll just need to leave the pipe in the solution for longer.

Anyone that has inadvertently found themselves tasting the unpleasant flavor of resin when they go to rip from a bong or glass smoking pipes knows how important it is to clean this gear. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to do. So, determine which method is the best for you, and then get whatever items you need to clean. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a crystal clear pipe that doesn’t only look better, it’s also much nicer to smoke out of!