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How to get rid of weed smell?

You may be loud and proud with your weed in private spaces, but still have to conceal your use from others. Like certain company, your landlord, family or even neighbours. So with the plant’s natural pungent aromas, how to get rid of weed smell is a key skill for any consumer. To help avoid your pot pleasure being discovered by those around you, we’ve compiled the top ways to get rid of the scents that linger from weed.

What makes weed smell?

To effectively eliminate odours from weed, first, let’s learn more about why weed smells so much in the first place. One of the most desirable traits of cannabis for consumers is the unique and individual aromas that each strain has. If you’ve ever wondered where the scents come from, terps are primary source. Terpenes are aromatic centers of weed plants, and other plants, too. They each provide scents like pine, lemon, skunk, or fuel, like we’re used to with classic genetics.

The most common terpenes that are found in weed and their most prominent smells include -

●     Myrcene - Musky and cloves

●     Limonene - Citrus and lemony

●     Linalool - Floral and herbal

●     Caryophyllene - Spicy and peppery

●     Pinene - Woody and pine

●     Humulene - Woody and earthy

Beyond terpenes and the aromas that emit from nugs, the stickiness of weed can add to its lingering. When handling bud the crystal and resinous trichomes may remain on your hands, or any part of your clothing that it touched. If this is ever the case, use a small dab of isopropyl alcohol to remove the material.

But what’s really pesky, is the robust odour that smoking weed produces. When lighting up the terpenes and flower specifically, those terps and plant materials combust. Emitting a powerful scent and a smoke that lingers, too. So what should one do to get rid of the smells that come naturally from cannabis? We’ll cover how to get rid of weed smell after consuming, and scent prevention, next.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Burning Incense Smoke

Over the years, cannabis users and experts alike have come across some practical and innovative ways to conceal their weed aromas. Here are the most tried-and-true methods that can help eliminate the odor that marijuana causes.


Whether you’re hosting soon and concealing past use, or clearing the air while you consume...opening windows is your first step. This allows the smoke to blow into the outside air.  Instead of hanging around your home and things. A well-placed fan can also help push the smoke towards the right direction for further ventilation. It should go without saying, to remove any ashtrays, roaches, pipes or bongs to remove any lingering smells the ash or resin can produce.


Incense goes way back on being a method for getting rid of smoking weed. The aromatic sticks are so potent themselves that they can easily mask any scent. Including, marijuana. Nag champa is the most popular incense for masking weed smells specifically. The incense is scented with henna, geranium, champa flowers, honey and vanilla that work well together for concealing cannabis.

Scented candles

An easy choice to turn to is always a handy and powerfully scented candle. Unlike incense, there’s no remaining ash to deal with. Plus, candles come in a wide-ranging number of scents that are pleasing to any consumer. Scented candles won’t completely rid of the weed smoke, but will do a satisfactory job of masking it.

Plugin air freshener

If you’re a frequent weed smoker, it’s probably best to invest in a plugin air freshener. Plugin air fresheners are refillable and allow you to choose from a wide range of scents. Since the freshener is also emitting a scent, it’s one method you don’t have to think about lighting prior to lighting up. The constant nature of their aromas, usually lasts up to 30 days making it cost-effective, too.

Essential oils with diffuser

Again, for cannabis consumers who light up daily, an essential oil diffuser could be a welcomed upgrade for covering scents. You’ll fill the diffuser with water and drops of your chosen essential oil. Once flipping the switch, the diffuser will emit deliciously scented puffs into the air. Helping to mask the scent of smoke, while consuming, or cover-up lingering aromas in your favorite smoke spot.

Cook food

When neighbors or outside traffic is your concern, a good go-to is cooking at the same time as smoking. Especially pungent meals would be best, and some even suggest burning popcorn as a mask. If you’ve ever burnt a bag in the microwave, you know how powerful those burnt kernels can smell. Just think, the smellier, the better on how to get rid of weed smell with cooking.

Personal hygiene

Like cigarette smoke, or even gasoline...when the weed smell attaches to your body or clothes, they’ll travel right along with you. Keeping up on personal hygiene after smoking will help eliminate odours from sticking to your person. Take a shower, spritz some cologne or body spray, brush your teeth, or change your clothes to avoid having someone catch a whiff of your habit.

Ways to Consume without Producing Excess Odour

Vaping Marijuana Vapor Vape E cigarette Grinder

Of course...there are ways to consume marijuana without producing huge puffs of aromatic smoke. Here are additional ways you can prevent scents from becoming too pungent, from the start.

Vaporize vs. Smoking

Since it’s the combustion of heat that emits weed’s pungent about avoiding that altogether? Vaporizing allows for the heating and activation of weed, without combusting. This means the smoke has virtually no smell, and is a common use for consumption in public.

Build a Sploof

A sploof is a DIY tool that can be made from common household goods. Grab a paper towel or toilet paper tube, dryer sheet, and rubberband and follow the steps below -

  1. Stuff the tube with 4-5 dryer sheets.
  2. Add a dryer sheet on the end, covering one of the holes.
  3. Secure the end dryer sheet with a rubberband.

Then blow your smoke into the open end...and voila! You have dryer-sheet scented smoke.

Choose Edibles

Cookies Cannabis Buds Marijuana On Table

With a wide variety of edibles, capsules and non-smoking methods now available, you can avoid the need to smoke weed completely. Of course, if you like a good-old-fashioned smoke session, you can always use one of our other handy tips.

So Fresh and So Clean

While smoking weed can be a highly relaxing and soothing experience, the pungent scents can cause anxiety or paranoia for some. Keep your weed game so fresh and so clean, with the tips we’ve provided today to avoid any lingering aromas or judgements. From preventing to concealing, these methods are an easy answer to how to get rid of weed smell, effectively.


MSNL Team MSNL Team / 7th July 2020

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