Fertilizer is food for marijuana plants. The best fertilizers for marijuana are often homemade. There are also many weird and wonderful things you can add to your marijuana fertilizer to boost your plants growth.


    What are the benefits of making your own marijuana fertilizer?

    There are many reasons one might with to make their own marijuana fertilizer. Many countries are now banning certain fertilizers and pesticides. Homemade fertilizer can help people follow the law.

    Making your own fertilizer can also be a much cheaper option. Many of the ingredients used are things already found around the house.

    Man cropping a marijuana plant

    When making your own marijuana fertilizer, you have full control. Those growing organic weed can use only organic marijuana fertilizer. There is also room to experiment when making fertilizer at home. Growers can then determine what ingredients work best for their plants.

    Making your own fertilizer can also enhance the soil after time. Synthetic fertilizers can degrade the soil quality.

    Understanding marijuana nutrients

    When making marijuana fertilizer, it’s important to understand the basic nutrient needs of marijuana plants.

    There are three main nutrients for marijuana plants. These are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen is very important for plants. This nutrient helps with the photosynthesis process. Most plants cannot absorb nitrogen from the air. As such, it needs to be added to the soil or growing medium. During the vegetative stage, marijuana plants need high levels of nitrogen.

    Phosphorous is also an important nutrient. It helps the plant develop strong, healthy roots. These support the entire plant. Young plants just beginning to develop roots need phosphorous. However, plants tend to require a higher amount during the flowering stage.

    Potassium is very important during the photosynthesis process. This nutrient helps the plant to produce proteins, along with strengthening the plant’s immune system.

    Different fertilizer kits will have different nutrient ratios. This is because marijuana plants need different amounts of these essential nutrients. The level of nutrients will depend on the stage of growth they are in.

    Things you can add to your organic, all-natural Marijuana Fertilizer

    Homemade marijuana fertilizer starts with good compost. Compost sounds complicated, but it’s really not. It starts with a compost bin. The bin can be homemade or store-bought. It then needs to be filled with organic matter, soil and food scraps.

    organic Fertilizer

    1. Coffee

    Coffee grounds are particularly rich in nitrogen. They also contain the potassium and phosphorous marijuana plants need.

    2. Urine

    Another material that is very rich in nitrogen is human urine. While this may sound off-putting, urine is rich in nitrogen. This is beneficial to marijuana plants. It’s so rich in nitrogen, it needs to be diluted with water. Otherwise the plants could suffer from nutrient burn.

    3. Banana Skins

    Banana skins

    Banana skins can boost the potassium component of marijuana fertilizer. Bananas are extremely rich in potassium, and their skins are, too. Banana skins will give your compost an added boost. They also have calcium and other nutrients that can help strengthen plants.

    Bananas aren’t the only produce that can be beneficial to plants. Citrus peels great, contain all three of the major nutrients plants need. They can also be a great deterrent for pests. Many insects and mites find the smell of citrus unappealing. This can also contribute to the growth of healthy plants.

    4. Cooking water

    Cooking water from kale and spinach can be useful in marijuana fertilizer. Spinach, kale, and other leafy greens will be rich in iron. The nutrients in the cooking water will depend on the vegetable that was cooked in it.

    5. Liquid from canned goods

    Liquid from canned goods can be added to marijuana fertilizer. They are a main form of potassium. However, they contain other nutrients as well.

    A marijuana compost tea also makes great marijuana fertilizer. Herbs such as nettle, comfrey, and yarrow make a great tea. These just need to be placed in a container with a tight-fitting lid with water. The tea can then steep for weeks or months before being added to the fertilizer. When using nettles, it’s important to wear gloves. Touching this plant with bare hands can be very irritating to the skin.

    Liquids can be used as marijuana fertilizer in a number of ways. The liquids can be added directly to the soil of the plant. They can also be used to moisten the material in the compost bin. Keeping material in the compost bin slightly damp is important. It will prevent the nutrients from drying out and becoming diminished.


    Making your own marijuana fertilizer can sound daunting. However, it is very easy. Plus, it can provide benefits to marijuana plants not available with store-bought fertilizers.