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Odour control when growing marijuana

When you’re growing marijuana indoors, no matter the strain, you’re going to have an odour problem on your hands. In short, cannabis stinks and when your beautiful plants are flowering, you’ll be able to smell them easily inside, and perhaps even outside of your home. This odour can become a very big problem if you have neighbours close by, or have guests over that you don’t want to expose to the smell. There are measures you can take to neutralize or get rid of the smell altogether, but there are also products that shouldn’t be used.

Products to use:

  • Carbon filters. Carbon filters are considered the gold standard for marijuana growers. These filters, also called carbon scrubbers, are installed into the actual exhaust system so that the fan can pull the air away from the plants. As the air moves through the system, the carbon filter will “scrub” the odours out of the air before pushing it outside. This means that not only will your grow room not smell, but neither will the air outside your home.


  • Odour neutralizers. Odour neutralizers are products that will absorb the smell so that no one in your home will be able to smell the marijuana plants – even if they’re right in the next room. Of all neutralizers, Ona Gel and Ona Blocks are considered to be the very best. These products were originally manufactured to control the odour inside of sewage plants, so they’re extremely effective at combating the smell from marijuana plants. However, because they’re so strong, they can actually remove or alter the smell and taste of the plants themselves. For this reason, Ona products should never be placed inside the actual grow room, but just outside of it instead.


Products that should never be used:

  • Sprays, plug-ins, etc. Most of the odour control measures you use for other unpleasant odours around the home simply won’t work in a grow room. Aerosol air fresheners, plug-ins, and other common household products just aren’t strong enough to cover up or neutralize the smell of marijuana.
  • Air purifiers/air filters. Many air filters and purifiers claim that they can remove odours from the air because they filter the air. That might be true for many odours, but not marijuana, as the smell is simply too strong.
  • Ozone generators. Some growers claim that ozone generators are the best way to remove odours from a grow room as they clean the air, kill mold and mildew and of course, remove odours. However, not only are these products extremely bad for the environment, they’re also very bad for you. The American Lung Association has stated that ozone can exacerbate lung disease, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has gone on record stating that inhaling ozone can be very damaging to the lungs. These generators have even been banned in some regions because of their harmful effects on health.

Getting rid of the smell in your grow room is one of the most common problems among growers. However, once you know which products are effective and which ones you should stay away from, removing the problem is very easy.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 28th April 2016

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