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Big Bud Seeds

Big Bud Seeds


Winner of the second ever High Times Cannabis Cup, Big Bud was nearly lost forever during the United States ‘War on Drugs’, only saved after it was exported to Dutch growers in the 1980s. Thanks to the dedication of those few cannabis lovers, growers and smokers continue to enjoy the distinct nature of this incredible strain to this day.

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Big Buds THC levels vary widely depending on the conditions in which it is grown, with a typical range of 15-20%. Under ideal conditions though the THC levels of this strain have been measured above 26%. CBD levels remain low, with only trace amounts well below 1% shown in regular testing. Despite this Big Bud offers the intense body relaxation qualities that premium quality indica weed is famed for.

Strain Effects

A true indica experience, Big Bud produces an amazing body numbing high and deep sense of relaxation. The stone comes on slowly but delivers exceptional effects when it does, leading many to become couch-locked and sleepy. Combined with the comforting feeling of positivity it creates this is a strain highly recommended for enjoying on a quiet night in or before bed.

Growing info

Higher average plant height, ranging between 150-220cm, Big Bud might need some extra space compared to other strains. This is offset by the frequently large yields the plants deliver with takes of between 500-600g/m2 being commonplace under the right setup. Due to the incredible size of the buds and relative lack of leaves the quality of the yield is also unsurpassed. Combined with a flowering time of 7-9 weeks, Big Bud is an exciting prospect for the passionate grower.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Big Bud is a genuine survivor, rescued by expert growers with a real passion for unique high quality cannabis. Boasting exceptionally high yields, a smooth smoking experience and an incredibly calming high this is a strain that delivers time and time again.

PLANT HEIGHT TALL 180cm-220cm 180cm-220cm
YIELD >600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Big Bud is particularly smooth smoking for such an indica heavy strain, both on inhale and exhale. An initially mild spicy earthen flavour gradually gives way to a pleasant sweetness, with the taste of grapes lingering on the palate. It wont take long to find out why Big Bud is loved for more than just its impressive size.

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Big Bud Seeds

    Review by

    All 5 germinated fast

  • "Agreed, not strong enough"

    Review by

    Have to agree with the other users. This bud just isn't potent enough for me to consider it one of the top strains out there.

  • "Huge buds"

    Review by

    The buds are so huge, I love taking them out of the bag and just looking at them. The high could be a bit stronger, but I smoke a lot.

  • "not so potent, but will put you to sleep"

    Review by

    This is the best "go to sleep" strain i've ever smoked. Not really the thing you smoke with friends. One smoke of this and you will go to sleep, like a baby! It helped with my muscle tensions to. Liked this smoke a lot but a bit to heavy for everyday-smoke

  • "Big buds only go so far"

    Review by

    I always think I'm gonna be impressed by Big Bud, but never am. I just never find it all that potent, and I like a weed that's gonna knock me on my butt. It tastes good, definitely not garbage, just wish I got a lil higher from it.

  • "Big"

    Review by

    Well it's name says it all huge in all aspects in yields and potency love this strain!!

  • "Huge"

    Review by

    One of the easiest plants to grow it was a huge yielder and the smoke was nice and mellow. tasted great smelled even BETTER!!

  • "Can't go wrong "

    Review by

    I grew these in Australia and they are amazing. I had next to no issues with growing it. First time grower. It's very hardy and endure some crazy weather patterns. Massive yielded but I used smaller pots so they would be a bit smaller for outside. Had to still tie them down. A bit of a creeper and perfect for pain issues. Love the mellow high. Smells and tastes amazing.

  • "Good Plant Big Buds Good Yields"

    Review by

    nice structured plants. big yields, took a while to finish though.

  • "Rock hard, could have more flavour"

    Review by

    Tried this in a coffee shop in the 'dam, looked great with rock hard buds but could do with a bit more in the flavour department.

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