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Blueberry Seeds

Our highly sought after Blueberry strain is one of the most impressive varieties available. Blueberry is incredibly popular for its fruity smell and taste, though possibly even more so for its uplifting effects. This classic strain is a true triple threat of flavour, strength and ease; no wonder this has been a growers favourite for over 40yrs

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The original Blueberry strain can be accredited to US breeder, DJ Short dating back to the 1970’s. It is a potent strain that produces a high level of THC (15%-18%). The CBD level (2%) is also quite high, making it an attractive choice for some medicinal users.

Strain Effects

The body stone that Blueberry creates will completely relax you as you feel any stress drift away. You will experience a long lasting euphoria and an increase in happiness, which will likely bring on laughter. It also has the ability to ease you into a peaceful sleep. The higher CBD content makes it desirable for numbing the symptoms of pain, muscle spasms, cramps and migraines. Due to its uplifting and relaxing qualities many people have also found it beneficial during times of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Growing info

Blueberry can be grown indoors, although it does perform best when it is outdoors where it can get plenty of sun, ideally the whole day in direct sunlight. It grows to 100-180cm and will spread out widely, therefore does need reasonable space if yields are to be maximised. With a good fertiliser, this hardy seed will produce an impressively high yield. High yields, combined with its buds having a long shelf life, makes Blueberry the plant that keeps giving. Typical flowering time for this variety is 8-10 weeks

Appearance and Aroma

Blueberry is a dense plant with highlights of red and purple. After the curing process, it will usually take on lavender blue hues on the buds, especially if it is exposed to cooler night time temperatures. The bud gives off a very fruity, earthy, berrylike scent and as the name suggests, it has a very distinctive blueberry aroma.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Considering the yield you will get from this plant and how far a little amount will go, Blueberry is second to none for value. This classic strain is perfect for when you want to enjoy a lazy day to the fullest. The relaxation and happiness this strain brings is enough for anyone to appreciate, the mouth watering flavours and aromas just make it that much more special.

YIELD 400-500g/m2
Tasting Notes

The aromatics of Blueberry follow through to give you an incredible sweet blueberry flavour. You may possibly even be left with a sweet vanilla taste at the end. There is no doubt that you’ll keep coming back to this one.

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  • ""Tasty and sweet""

    Review by

    These were free seeds with an order. Having no room indoors, i tried them in Summer, grown in the vegetable patch. Good yield, lovely odour i could smell all day long, great for pain and help to sleep at night. Used minimal nutrient as they were grown in soil. Thanks Msnl.

  • "Put it in the crock pot with some coconut oil"

    Review by

    I was originally going to give this strain 3 stars, because it was kind of a difficult grow. Three out of my five plants hermied and actually produced seeds. I still can't figure out why.

    That said, though, I am very impressed with the quality of the buds. Very dense and sticky. I have also started making edibles and pain relief balm out of the leaves and bud trim, and it is VERY potent. I actually prefer that to smoking this strain.

  • "Big Fruity Buds"

    Review by

    Fast delivery and fresh seed, even from the other side of the world, seed from Msnl never fails to impress. I found Blueberry an easy grow, I agree they tolerate the cold well, and when water flushed at the end, they smell and look a treat. Easy on the nutrient, the buds swell daily and smell like a stoners mixed fruit salad. Impressive.

  • "Great tasting, happy high reliable plant."

    Review by

    Bushy, tasty and an easy grow, these plants smell fantastic. The taste is fruity sweet, and the stone can help slow pain and be very relaxing. A very traditional Indica, perfect for indoors, or smaller outdoor grows.

  • "Fantastic "

    Review by

    Has a great taste

  • "freebie is also awesome"

    Review by

    i grown BLUEBERRY freebies from MSNL, given by my friend ...very easy to grow..and very tasty smoke tho.

  • "Ordered 10 seeds Blueberry"

    Review by

    Order received in 18 days delivered to Australia Melbourne.
    Packaging was very discreet and seeds were labelled in each bags (also ordered 10 White widow max seeds and received 5 free mix regular seeds.
    Cant wait to start growing those babies.
    Very happy customer for my first order and looking forward to order more seeds with you.
    Best regards

  • "Go cold with this one!"

    Review by

    I live in a colder climate and was tickeld to see these girls actually turn purple towards teh end of flowering. Awesome, and easy to impress.

  • "Excelent"

    Review by

    Got these free with order, grows well and easily trained. Taste is phenomenal, and high is more like a sativa, so you can stay in your happy place whatever your doing.

  • "Real nice"

    Review by

    Great strain very euphoric, and relaxing but still uplifting, after a few hours it can deffinetly lend itself to a good night's sleep. Great for evenings when you have time to relax. Great flavor and smell. Pretty much all around a great strain

  • "Tastes just like you'd expect"

    Review by

    Tastes just like blueberry and if you cure it right, kinda has a blue hue too. Really nice, but a pretty strong smoke that you might not expect from the name.

  • "yup, blueberry taste"

    Review by

    I was surprised to learn that this was indica dominant because I laughed my butt off on it total blueberry taste though pretty cool

  • "Great stress reliever"

    Review by

    One of my faves very dense buds and a truly awesome smoke! Love the blueberry strain and I have crossed this with OG and lemme tell ya I was a happy man!!!

  • "One burn is all you need"

    Review by

    Don't need much with this strain. Just one burn and you'll be relaxed and stress-free for hours but it will still let you get up and go if you need to.

  • "These were 5 of the "Freebies" "

    Review by

    All 5 popped very fast 1st one popped in a peat pot in just about 30 hours, amazing!!!! Will update the progress as it moves along.

  • "Impressive"

    Review by

    Amazing results, love this strain.

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