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Bruce Banner #3 Strain

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Bruce Banner #3 Feminized Seeds


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Famed as one of the most powerful and THC rich strains of marijuana ever tested, Bruce Banner #3 is truly incredible. A winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup this is a strain that is perfect for anyone seeking powerful sativa highs, huge yields and one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives.
  • Feminized
  • High Yield
  • Tall Height
  • Tasty
  • High THC
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Bruce Banner is a sativa heavy hybrid created by mixing the popular Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush strains. There were originally 5 different types of Bruce Banner with this #3 version being the most potent and sought after. THC levels of 25-30% make BB3 one of the most potent strains ever tested! CBD and CBN levels are well below 1%.

Strain Effects

Bruce Banner packs a huge sativa hit that is set to stun. From the very first inhale you will feel a massive surge in spirits leading to an unprecedented level of euphoria. As your mind races with possibilities and a newfound energy you will start to feel the pleasant body numbing buzz of BB3s indica side. This mix of invigoration and relaxation makes it perfect for creatives and those who need a kick start to the day.

Growing info

Bruce Banner seeds are the perfect option for cultivators seeking a rewarding grow. These plants grow tall so some trimming will be needed indoors where they will easily reach between 150-200cm. High yields of 500-700g/m2 will be ready for picking after a flowering time of 8-10 weeks. If grown outside ensure you are in a warm dry climate where the 2-3m tall plants will give gigantic yields of 700-1000g per plant!

Appearance and Aroma

The tall plants of BB3 shine with their combination of deep green and magenta leaves. Thick clusters of bright green buds cover the length of the plants, with the buds themselves peppered with light orange hairs and prominent trichromes. A classic sativa style diesel smell begins to appear during flowering, growing ever stronger as harvest time nears. Cracking open a well cured bud offers an even stronger diesel shot with sweet citrus undertones.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Bruce Banner is famous worldwide for its Hulk like strength. Enormous THC levels are ready to knock you off your feet with an electrifying high that will have you buzzing. Amazingly it offers these stunning highs without being overly harsh, with a hugely enjoyable flavour and aroma. Couple this with the truly gigantic yields and you have one of the most exciting and easily recommended strains of all time.

PLANT HEIGHT TALL 180cm - 200cm
YIELD 500g - 600g/m2
Tasting Notes

Complex and surprising are the best ways to describe Bruce Banners flavour. The initially pungent diesel taste is soon joined by a contrasting mix of sweet fruit and floral flavours. The sweetness is especially noticeable on the exhale with bright and fresh bursts of strawberry and lemon. There is no doubt this sweet and sour flavour will stick with you for some time.

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Bruce Banner #3 Strain
  • "BB#3"

    Review by

    Just reached 8 weeks of flower, with my BB#3....I can tell yields are considerably above average....THERE ARE a big variation in plants...I started with 10 seeds...ALL SPROUTED...Culled 2 by the 10th day...2 more after the 1st topping in the nursery, and 2 more just prior to transplant...I only wanted to grow out 4, so I was able to choose the 4 VERY BEST....Thick, sturdy, fast growing, blemish free....The best looking 4 of the 10 originals....I found 1 has a VERY SATIVA presence..much taller than others, LONG branches full of less dense buds...LOADED with buds though....2 have a classic hybrid appearance, with dense thick tops...the 4 has a very OG look with SUPER frosty buds and leaves...It is has the most resins with the Sativa dominant plant being very resinous too....The 2 'classic' looking hybrids are frosting up late......its funny that these are the #3 phenotype and have such a variation WITHIN that phenotype....2 look very similar, while the sativa dom, and OG dom look completely different...3 phenotypes within the #3 phenotype...If that makes any sense....Its all good...The Sativa dom DOES NOT play well with the others...She is light sensitive and nute sensitive...Would do MUCH better grown separately, or a group of just her....I got her thru by bending over her long tops to a level BELOW the others (less intense light), and giving her lighter mixes of nutes...She carries the most buds of all of them, but are more fluffy....Looking forward for next cpl weeks to finish these up....I will post an updated smoke report for each phenotype THAT I FOUND....Steve

  • "BB3"

    Review by

    Hi folks, this is 1st time growing BB3 from MNSL seeds took 2&1/2wks to arrive that's good considering Covid19 "Sydney Australia" sprouted in 48hrs in 1" R-wool cubes,,at 5wks into flowering shaping up to it's reputation,, Trichomes,Size & Smell' both looking great smells devine" except yet to see any Magenta in it's colours,,will update when completed,,WHERE IS THE PICTURE OPTION for reviews???

  • "5"

    Review by

    just got my seeds, it took the whole month of December i just got them on Monday, with xmas and covid, i think that's pretty good , using the cup/paper towel method. can't wait

  • "First harvest"

    Review by

    Easy to grow. Organic/veganic the only way.

  • "So far so good!"

    Review by

    Received my order today and went ahead and started germinating 3 of the 10 seeds. Im hoping they turn out like the White LSD seeds where i germinated 5 seeds and all 5 are in the dirt doing just fine,

  • "Big"

    Review by

    Buds got bigger than I expected

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