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White Widow Max Auto

White Widow Max Auto Feminized Seeds

The "White" characteristics of White Widow Max auto are still in full force. They create an intense cerebral hit and powerful body buzz. And with the autoflowering genetics, they take on a longer-lasting stone. As far as autos go, this is one of the more powerful plants around. Lastly, it’s an easy strain to grow and gives generous yields for such a short plant.
  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized
  • Indica
  • Short Height
  • Tasty
  • White

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White Widow Max Auto is the child of the insanely popular and world-renowned strain, White Widow and a ruderalis. It has a nearly even blend of Sativa and Indica genetics, but its a bit more Indica dominant with a split of 60 to 40. This plant grows faster than its famous parent but has a very similar appearance because it produces dense buds covered in gorgeous crystals. Also, the potency is strong for an auto-flowering plant, yet its strength is moderate enough where you can function well if you smoke it as a daytime strain.

Strain Effects

Given the high CBD content from the ruderalis mother, White Widow Max Auto has a long-lasting relaxing body stone that pairs nicely with its uplifting, euphoric effects. The strain produces flowers that feature a THC content of up to 18 to 19% percent. This is a strong potency for an autoflowing strain but it’s not too high where the effects are immobilizing. So you can still get up and go, do your normal routine while enjoying its happy, cerebral, and mellowed out effects.

Growing info

Because of the ruderalis genetics of this plant, you don’t have to be an experienced grower to generate successful yields or even keep the plants alive. White Widow Max autoflower grows indoors or outdoors. If planting your seeds outdoors, the plant favors warm, sunny weather, but also does well in a cool climate. Additionally, the life cycle is very fast with an average of 70 to 80 days from seed to harvest. Whether growing indoors or out, the plants usually reach heights of 60 to 100 cm. And they’re ready to harvest in July and then again in September.

Appearance and Aroma

As this strain flowers to its full potential, you can expect to see tight, dense buds covered with white snowy crystals. Because of its ruderalis genetics, the plants don’t grow very tall but are still able to produce a lot of chunky buds.

Furthermore, White Widow Max auto has a spicy, earthy, and spicy aroma. The smell is strong even without a long cure. However, if you do decide to cure your buds for a while, they become incredibly aromatic.

MSNL Editors Verdict

White Widow Max Auto is the auto-flowering version of an all-time classic strain and is one of the most potent and high yielding strains in our collection. It’s awesome for those who’ve never grown cannabis before because it’s easy to cultivate and has a speedy life cycle. Plus, it delivers high yields even with its short flowering time and small stature. This is not a common trait of most autoflowing strains.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The taste of White Widow Max autoflowering has a slight citric tang and the sandalwood incense flavour you would expect because of its parent. Besides the tang and incense notes, there’s also a sweetness when smoking this strain. And as you exhale, the smoke fills the room with an earthy scent that makes the overall experience that much more pleasant.

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White Widow Max Auto
  • "hermi ruined my whole crop"

    Review by

    really dissapointed hermied and seeded everything wont be using this company again

  • "***Super Dense Buds!!***"

    Review by

    Anyone can achieve success with this strain, super easy to grow and produces big dense super sticky buds. Definitely one of the highest yield available. Highly recommended!

  • "Nice and potent"

    Review by

    It’s very easy strain to grow even for beginners. The smell and aroma is fantastic, very dense and sticky buds tho. Kinda short plant. I loved it really.

  • "Great medicine "

    Review by

    Plants germinated fast, very strong and FAST growth! Beautiful plants! Very nice high.. HIGHLY recommend

  • ""They look like sparkly pineapples""

    Review by

    Grown indoors, good germination rate, easy to grow. As with all autos they seemed to like less nutrients. Smell is awesome, solid sticky buds that in the last weeks shimmer under the light. An old school favourite blessed with Msnl's touch to make it an autoflower, cheers.

  • "White Widow Max STARS"

    Review by

    First time buying here. Bitcoin discount was nice. Arrived in anticipated time. Stealth packaging was well done. First seed popped in 2-3 days. I dumassed and killed it. :-(
    Second one popped in 3-4 days. She is doing fine. So far so good. This review is mostly for service, as she hasn't grown into a strain review yet. ;-)
    5 STARS for service as advertised !

  • "Excellent Choice"

    Review by

    I have been growing this for over a year now and White Widow Max is my main crop. Excellent seeds as I am at a 100% of seeds sprouted from this strain. The buds are definitely impressive in size and the trichomes are overwhelming at harvest. Very easy grow and a must try for all serious and amateur growers. Thanks MSNL for such a good product!!!

  • "Mamoth nugs"

    Review by

    Just reordered some of these even with the corona stuff going on took 6 weeks to the u.s any way these girls get big! 5ft from the pot, pop bottle size buds covered in frost this is in my reg rotation now

  • "Awesome, pure perfection!"

    Review by

    After I placed the White Widow max in the cup,within 30 hours,it had 2 prongs poking out! Great seeds,great price,awesome service! Thanks MSNL!

  • "Happy gardener"

    Review by

    Delighted I ordered White widow autos 3 weeks ago during the "virus "and they arrived today,can't wait to grow a few of these ladies,outdoors in a subtropical climate.The service is fantastic package very good and I got 5 free mango regular beans with my order.
    Will be back for more of the brilliant menu on offer from these guys!

  • "Nice surprise!!"

    Review by

    Ordered during the lockdown and although the delivery took longer, naturally, I received 10 free Thai stuck seeds. Have the widow and the Thai germinating and I’m looking forward to an easy

  • "Very Happy "

    Review by

    I have had 100% germ on all beans and love how these plants look and smell. I look forward to the dry and cure!

  • "Very Nice"

    Review by

    5 of 5 seeds planted and thriving, Fast growers, covered in buds and frost,3 look to finish at 8 weeks,2 huge ones at 10 weeks.Will update on yield and quality soon. Love the genetics and selection from this seedbank.

  • "Great so far"

    Review by

    Fast delivery and 100% germination.
    Excellent service thx.

  • "Outstanding"

    Review by

    I did a lot of research on auto flowers and decided on these. Wow!! The size of the buds and the crystals they produced was beautiful. The smoke is exceptionally good for an auto flower. Hard hitting and long lasting. Up there with the best photosynthesis plants. Definitely gonna keep these growing all the time. So easy to care for and a good yield!

  • "Ordered 11 days ago from aus now something good to smoke, will share after first grow, thumbs up MSNL "

    Review by

    Ordered 11 days ago from aus now something good to smoke will share after first grow

  • "Easy first grow"

    Review by

    First grow ordered a couple ofnthese, germinated four harvested within 80 to 85 days, still can't believe how easy effortless and rewarding it has been plus it looks straight out a magazine

  • "loved it"

    Review by

    I got these free with my last order and I have to say I really liked it. Loved the taste and the buzz and it only got better the longer it cured.

  • "Great auto"

    Review by

    Just as potent as the non auto version love the white frosty buds the smells from this are amazing a must have for any white widow lover!!

  • "Great"

    Review by

    Very nice dense nuggets, great yield along with very white and covered in crystals. Has a very strong smell in the last couple of weeks, Great taste and very hard hitting.

  • "get offer"

    Review by

    just received my order, only took 7 days to get here and got 10 seeds for the price of 5. love this seed bank, always has the best offers!

    keep it up MSNL!

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