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David Has worked in the cannabis sector for over 20 years, in multiple countries. Currently he is an executive partner at Cannabis Partners, a leading cultivation, genetic breeding and production organisation based in South Africa. He also serves as an advisor within the AltoVerde group, a UK based Cannabis production and consultancy company. When he's looking for some downtime he runs a highly succesful Magazine "Absolute" extolling the joys of travelling in the Indian Ocean!
  1. How to build your own cannabis grow room
    How to build your own cannabis grow room
    Thinking of how to setup a cannabis grow room at home? This article is your blueprint for creating an efficient and successful grow room from scratch using either a tent or a DI...
  2. Feminized vs Regular Cannabis Seeds
    Feminized vs Regular Cannabis Seeds
    When you start growing cannabis, you soon realize there are literally thousands of strains out there AND there are also different types of seeds as well. The two most common ter...
  3. What is a Photoperiod plant?
    What is a Photoperiod plant?
    When it comes to growing cannabis, light is the boss – get it wrong and you'll pay the price! We'll explore what photoperiod means, how it works, and why it's important for plan...
  4. How are feminized seeds made?
    How are feminized seeds made?
    Feminized seeds are the Wonder Woman of the cannabis world - strong, powerful, and all-female. Whether you're a commercial grower or a home gardener, feminized seeds offer a num...

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