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  • Christmas Marijuana Recipes

    The excitement of Christmas is in the air! As youre wondering how to make this year a bit more festive, you may want to head to the kitchen. Christmas marijuana recipes are the perfect gift for friends and family. And, they can make wrapping all those presents much more fun! Below are some treats, both sweet and savoury, to liven up your holidays this year.   Continue reading

  • How to make Cannabis Ice Cream

    The warmer weather has finally started to put in an appearance and that means it’s the time of year when ice cream really comes into its own (although it tastes good in winter too).  Of course the best ice cream of all has to be cannabis ice cream since it combines both marijuana and ice cream.  There are loads of marijuana recipes out there telling you how to make some form of cannabis ice cream, but here we’ll go one better.  We’ll teach you the principles behind making cannabis ice cream, so you can experiment, safely, yourself and create your own marijuana recipes. Continue reading

  • Chilli Con Cannabis Recipe

    Chilli Con Carne is an institution. We’re changing a classic recipe to add a little ‘extra herb’. We’re cooking with marijuana in this chilli recipe and we’re certain you’ll like the added ingredient! Continue reading

  • Weed-Infused Mocktail Recipes

    Combining alcohol and weed isn’t anything new. It’s a favourite pastime of many, but typically the two are enjoyed separately with one balancing the other out. But what if you could get all of the effects you’re after without having to sneak away to smoke a bowl or a joint? Now you can with a form of edibles that is slowly taking over the market – weed-infused drinks! Continue reading

  • Healthy Weed Infused Drinks

    There have been many trends in consuming weed. Of course, smoking it is still considered to be the old school form of using cannabis, and while vaporizing had its time as being the ‘newest’ way to do it, that’s now also something that has lost its novelty for some. Edibles still remain one of the consumption methods of choice, but for those who want to take that up a notch, how about drinking your weed? Continue reading

  • Cannabis-Infused Beefskunk and Vegetable Soup

    A tasty and filling soup with an extra little kick, this BeefSkunk Soup won’t leave you disappointed. It’s a straight forward marijuana recipe that will leave you nicely relaxed. There’s no need for any cannabis butter here, simply get your grinder out and you’re ready to go! Continue reading

  • Cannabis Butter Recipe (CannaButter) Recipe

    If you’re keen to start cooking with pot then you’d better learn how to make Cannabis butter. Cannabis butter can also be known as Cannabutter, weed butter, pot butter and bud butter. Although there are a host of names for CannaButter, the recipe and the way we cook it is the same. Continue reading

  • Canna Infused Easy Almond Cake

    Light, moist, fluffy and totally delicious. This alternative take on the Victoria sponge will make afternoon Tea a very enjoyable pass time.... Continue reading

  • Ultimate Cannabis Mac n' Cheese

    A heartwarming comfort dish at its best, although as it is canna infused, maybe not quite like mother used to make..... Continue reading

  • Classic Chocolate Pot Brownies

    Nothing says weed infused edibles better than the classic chocolate brownie. Stick sweet and utterly delicious, this is our recipe for these pot infused squares of joy! Continue reading

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