If you are on the hunt for a perfectly balanced hybrid cultivar that delivers a cruisey, even, cerebral buzz with a healthy dose of smooth bodily relaxation, look no further than the Sundae Driver cannabis strain.

This delectable cultivar is a cross between Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie and is renowned for both its terpene profile that’s equally sweet and savory, and its awesome pain-relieving qualities.

Though Sundae Driver may not be the first strain that jumps out at medicinal users, the internet is awash with reports of just how effective this strain can be at managing chronic pain.

Let's dive straight in and see what all the fuss is about!

Sundae Driver Weed Strain Info?

Brought to us by the dons out at Cannarado Genetics, this Pacific Northwest queen offers something for everyone.

The family tree is one that simply screams quality. Both parental strains, Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie, are award-winning in their own right. Fruity Pebbles is a colorful cross between Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien, and an undisclosed strain. Grape Pie is an Indica-dominant hybrid that borrows genetics from a similar line, with Cherry Pie with Granddaddy Purple, and a mysterious “Grape” strain.

What Is The Terpene Profile Of Sundae Driver?

Beta Caryophyllene  0.70%
Alpha Humulene0.19%
Alpha Pinene  0.11%

What Does Sundae Driver Taste Like?

As we mentioned in the intro, the flavor that Sundae Driver brings to the table is unique, varied, and honestly a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by strains that are starting to all taste pretty similar.

The base flavor is all about decadent chocolate and caramel, but there are heavy notes of sour fruity grape that really cuts through the underlying richness. This is backed up by an undercurrent of dank earthiness, with nuances of spice and herbs that provide a unique twist on the flavor profile.

What Are The Effects Of Sundae Driver Strain?

Thanks to the almost perfectly balanced hybrid nature of this strain, Sundae Driver is a true crowd-pleaser in every sense of the term. In terms of potency, Sundae Driver exhibits a THC potency of up to 25% (with some phenos hitting the 30% mark).

The onset of effects is almost immediate. Starting with a nice Sativa-driven head high that slowly but surely ushers in a comforting, soothing sense of body relaxation, perfect for those times when you just need to take a load off, but also don’t want to be totally useless.

The initial buzz is clean and full of creativity, and this can last for a surprisingly long time. The slow and even descent into a state of physical and mental ease is something that really sets Sundae Driver apart in terms of medical potency. Speaking of medicinal value...

What Do Medical Users Say About Sundae Driver?

A lot, actually. Most commonly used as a reliever of chronic pain, the Sundae Driver weed strain is also a great option for those seeking relief from stress, depression, and insomnia. A simple Google search will find a bunch of lengthy reviews going into detail on the soothing effects of this strain.

It should also be said that there have been reports of Sundae Driver being used in helping combat migraines and menstrual cramps, and it is great for reducing acute inflammation.

What Is Sundae Driver Like To Grow?

Up until very recently, this strain was somewhat shrouded in secrecy in terms of cultivation. Seeds and clones were almost impossible to come by, but thanks to a handful of diligent breeders, this is changing.

The good news is that Sundae Driver isn’t too tricky to grow, and with some simple stress training techniques the results can be amazing. She works well in a wide range of climatic conditions, although you find the best results in a slightly warmer, Mediterranean-like environment when grown outdoors. Indoors, the more light, the better. Keep humidity levels slightly elevated when compared to most other strains and make sure to run her under a ScrOG screen with some heavy defoliation in the second last week of vegetative growth, and again in the third week of flower.

Top twice or more for the best yield outcomes.

Sundae Driver Strain FAQ

Is Sundae Driver Indica Or Sativa?

This strain offers a 50/50 split of both Indica and Sativa genetics.

Is Sundae Driver Potent?

Yep, she sure is. Averaging out between 22 to 25% THC, with some phenotypes hitting the 30% mark, this strain is a heavy hitter. Potency is not all about genetics though. Your skill as a cultivator can have an effect on THC levels, as can the style of growing. If you are looking for the very peak in potency you should consider running a hydroponic set-up, but that is not to say you can't grow banging buds in living soil.

Who Bred Sundae Driver?

Sundae Driver was created by the legendary breeders of Colorado-based Cannarado Genetics.

Is Sundae Driver Top Shelf?

The Sundae Driver cultivar is the epitome of top-shelf. A true sight to behold, with a frosty covering that boosts bag appeal to no end, a flavor and fragrance profile fit for the queen she is, a balanced range of effects that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, and a healthy dose of THC to ensure that this strain can do its job.

Sundae Driver Strain Good For Anxiety?

While not one of the top recommended strains for anxiety disorders, Sundae Driver is still a worthy choice. The mix of Sativa and Indica effects can help to reduce anxious feelings and paranoia, whilst still being calming enough to leave you feeling relaxed.

Is Sundae Driver Good For Sleep?

Yes, Sundae Driver is a good choice if you are looking for something to help you drift off. Its sedative qualities induce a nice body high, and its soothing physical effects can help to relieve stress.

Is Sundae Driver Good For Headaches?

This strain is a great pain reliever in general, but it seems to offer huge relief to sufferers of migraines in particular.