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Tasty Treats - Marijuana Edibles

When thinking of consuming marijuana, it’s a pretty safe bet that these days most people will think first of smoking it and then, perhaps, of vaping it.  Another, very tasty alternative, is to eat it.  Sweet and savoury, there’s something to suit all tastes. 

Marijuana brownies are possibly the best known example of using marijuana in cooking, but there are actually a whole host of recipes available and there’s nothing to stop you experimenting.  Basically if you can cook a dish with regular butter or oil, there’s a good chance you can cook it with cannabutter.

Cannabutter - the key to cooking with cannabis

Some foods need to be heated in order to be digestible.  Marijuana is one of them.  The most common way of incorporating marijuana in cooking is through cannabutter.  There are plenty of recipes out there, but the basic principle is that you melt butter and slowly add the cannabis in your chosen form and strength, then let it simmer for about 45 minutes, it’s often recommended to stir regularly to give the cannabis the best chance to be incorporated into the butter.  Then strain the mixture to remove the cannabis (which should be discarded) and you have cannabutter.  Vegans could try coconut oil as an alternative.

Canna Butter for marijuana edibles Canna Butter

Keep quantities down until you’ve had some cooking experience

Heating marijuana increases its strength.  It also prolongs the time it needs to take effect.  People new to cooking with marijuana are therefore likely to find the best approach is just to aim to cook food which tastes great and include a very small quantity of cannabutter as a bonus.  If you do find you’ve eaten more than you intended, citrus juices (e.g. orange juice), pistachios or pine nuts will help to counterbalance the effect.  Pine oil can also help, for example if put in an aromatherapy oil burner.

Cooking with cannabis is great for both medical and recreational users

Marijuana comes in a huge variety of different flavours, but getting the effect you want may mean using a form of weed with a flavour you personally dislike.  This is likely to be a particular issue for medical users who will be looking for strains or blends which have very specific properties for their particular needs.  Cooking and, in particular, baking with marijuana may be the perfect way for medical users to get their treatment in a pleasant-tasting way.  Recreational users can also benefit from cooking with marijuana.  It is a convenient way to enjoy a high in situations where smoking or even vaping would be inappropriate.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 2nd December 2015

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