Generally speaking, we’re big believers in using good-quality weed and good-quality accessories, whether it’s a beautiful bong or the perfect strain of marijuana made into the perfect cannabutter.  Sometimes, however, we like to have a little fun, so with that in mind, here’s our list of the top 5 craziest things to smoke weed out of.

Fruit and vegetables

Homemade apple joint

Marijuana plus one of your five a day, that sounds good to us.  Pretty much any item of fruit or vegetables which is big enough to have a bowl cut into it to hold your weed can be used as a bong.  Obviously, it’s a good idea to use something you like the taste of.  Apples, carrots and bananas are probably the classics, pears are good, if they’re on the firm side, ditto strawberries although they’re only going to hold a small amount of cannabis.

If it’s Halloween, how about a pumpkin bong? The basic idea behind all of these is much the same, you cut a hole into the top of the piece of fruit or vegetable, this may involve removing the stem or stalk.  Then you pierce a hole in the side so that it meets with the bowl, then you insert a straw through which to smoke.  Since making food bongs involves cutting, we suggest you do this when your head is completely clear and watch your fingers.


The good news about ice bongs is that they are cool, in every sense and are said to give a super-smooth hit.  The bad news about ice bongs is that they require a bit of patience and effort to make and generally they’re “one hit wonders”.  You can find plenty of tutorials about how to make them on the net.


Starburst Candy pipe

If you like sweet marijuana then how about your try smoking your weed out of a bong made of sweets?  Starburst are ideal for this, but any sweet of that kind of texture will do.  Heat a screwdriver and put it through the centre of your sweets, as though you were making a kebab.  The heat of the screwdriver plus the natural stickiness of the sweets will bind the body of the bong, if you have a problem removing the bong, just let it cool for a bit or even stick it in the fridge.  When you have removed the sweet pipe stem, put an extra hole into the last sweet as this is going to connect with the bowl.  Add a whole sweet to the base of the pipe as an end cap and then make the bowl, adding a hole which will join it to the main pipe.  When you’re finished with your weed, you can eat your bong.


Lego bong

You’re never too old for Lego.  If you loved it as a child, you’ll know you can build just about anything out of it and that includes some amazingly cool and colourful bongs.  You’re only limited by your imagination (OK and the Lego bricks you have to use).  Again, you’ll find plenty of tutorials on the net.

Drinks cans

It’s probably pretty obvious how to turn a drinks can into a bong and if not there’s plenty of help on the net.  It should also be pretty obvious that heating metal carries its risks.  If, however, you are absolutely stuck and you can insulate your can in some way, e.g. if you’re on a beach where there’s plenty of sand, it could be an option.

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