When most of us hear or read the term 'GMO', we instantly think of one thing - Genetically Modified Organisms. And while we are surrounded by GMO products in our normal day-to-day lives, these products do come with some pretty negative connotations. 

When you really think about it - excluding the OG landraces - every cannabis strain on the market has been genetically modified. The wonderful world of weed is all thanks to selective breeding, and while this is a very different type of genetic modification, it is still humans playing god (to a certain extent, anyway). 

So, what exactly does the GMO stand for when it comes to the GMO Cookies strain? Is it a Sativa or Indica dominant cultivar? What are the best aspects of this weirdly named strain? And just how potent is it? 

Stick around as we take a long, hard look at everything GMO Cookies... 

What Does GMO Stand For In GMO Cookies Strain? 

The GMO in GMO cookies strain stands for "Garlic, Mushroom, Onion". Quite an unusual title for a weed strain, which are more commonly named after sweet and sugary snacks, popular breakfast cereals, flowery bouquets, and bundles of citrus fruit. 

But this pungent name is actually totally fitting when you consider the aroma of this strain - it's very earthy, with strong notes of garlic and onion, and about as savory as weed can get. GMO Cookies is a super 'loud' (stanky as all hell) strain and is certainly not the bud you should be looking for if you are wanting to smoke discreetly. Light a bowl of this one up, and even if you are tucked away in a sneaky spot with the windows open - the whole house will know what's going down, and they'll work it out pretty quickly. 

The terpene profile is dominated by Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene. This combo is what gives GMO Cookies its super distinctive, punchy fragrance and taste make it one of our favourite from the growing range of Cookies strain cannabis seeds

Is GMO Cookies An Indica or Sativa Strain? 

dried bud of GMO Cookies

Created by the renowned Spanish cannabis wizards over at Mamiko Seeds, GMO Cookies is a result of crossing two of the smelliest and most tangy strains of the past decade - Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. 

The result is a heavily Indica dominant strain, with a 90/10 split of Indica to Sativa genetics. This Indica dominance results in an extremely relaxing effect, with a high level of body sedation thrown in for good measure.  

These effects last a LONG time and can take a while to kick in - so we recommend not going balls to the wall with your first taste. She's a real creeper, so start slow and just dip your toes in before diving head first. Remember, there's not a lot you can do once you have smoked more than you meant to, but you can always have another puff if you haven't reached the peak you were hoping for. 

What Is The Strength Of GMO Cookies? 

Lab analysis shows that GMO Cookies tops out at around 25% THC.  So, while it's not the strongest weed on the planet, it is still pretty potent stuff. 

Keep in mind, the potency of any marijuana nug is controlled by the cultivation. If you are looking to grow GMO Cookies and want to reach that 25% THC level, you are going to have to treat her like the absolute queen she is. It is possible to get the best out of outdoor crops, but a lot of the control is taken out of your hands. You really are at the mercy of the gods when it comes to outdoor growing, but some of this can be controlled through the use of a greenhouse, and possible some light dep. 

Just like every other strain, to get the absolute best out of a cannabis plant, you are going to have to grow her under artificial light. Growing indoors gives the cultivator almost full control of the environment and atmosphere. 

The gold standard these days is LED lighting, and for the best results, you are going to want to have at least 2 LED panels in each growing area. One of the best things about these LED panels is that produce almost zero heat, which means they can be hung very close to the plants. They can also be hung vertically or horizontally, meaning you can supplement the over-canopy lights with wall lighting fixtures. 

What Is GMO Cookies Good For? 

Thanks to the high Indica levels in her genetics, GMO cookies is perfect for people looking for a strain that will help with stress relief, and relaxation, and has been reported to help sufferers of chronic pain and inflammation. 

Look, we are not trained medical professionals, so we are not going to give out any medical advice. But, GMO Cookies is often quoted as being a great option for people who are looking for some relief from depression and anxiety disorders. It's also known to help with insomnia sufferers, as the sedative levels of this strain really are up there with some of the strongest strains available right now (even though she only tops out at 25%THC). 

GMO Cookies can also be of use to people looking to increase their appetite. People suffering from certain eating disorders might find that this strain works well for them. Chemo patients might find this strain particularly helpful in getting their hunger back, and with finding some rest after receiving a round of treatment. 

Should you be growing GMO Cookies?

GMO Cookies is a potent, yet relatively well-balanced strain that is perfect for people looking for relief from a wide variety of ailments. She's also great for people who just want to relax and unwind after a long day.  

While it might be a little left field when compared to a bunch of other popular options - GMO Cookies has a delicious flavor profile that is sure to tantalize the taste buds, and she will leave you feeling nice and relaxed.  

Start slow with this one, as she is a real creeper, and before you know it you'll be in for one heck of a ride. Enjoy!