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white ruski feminized marijuana

White Ruski Feminized Seeds

As the winner of the “best overall” strain in the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup Awards, the White Ruski has a long and solid reputation. At one point it was considered the strongest strain in the world. When grown in the right conditions, it can exceed 20% THC. Plus, it produces fat, hearty buds that can fill a room with its sweet fruity aroma.
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White Ruski is bred with a potent combination of genetics, including AK47 and White Widow. Both these parent strains are well-known within the cannabis community and together gave birth to this beautiful Indica-dominant hybrid. Because of its lineage, it may not surprise you to learn it has such high levels of THC. Also, it takes on sweet and spicy flavors that turn smoking into a tasty sacred ritual.

Strain Effects

With THC levels averaging 18 to 20% and sometimes exceeding the 20% mark, the stone on White Ruski is profound. The high is both physical and cerebral and because of its high THC content, the resulting effect is powerful and long-lasting. It’s a pleasant cerebral buzz that is energizing and uplifting, without becoming frantic. Then it settles into a very calming, yet clear-headed body high. Therefore, many users find this a great strain to smoke at any time of the day.

Growing info

The plant will grow well whether you have an indoor grow tent or a suitable outdoor space. And it grows sturdy so that it can hold the weight of the dense nugs. Given the combination of Indica and Sativa genetics, White Ruski takes on a mix of their characteristics. So, the plant has an 8 to 9 weeks flowering cycle, reaches medium heights of around 100 to 180 cm, and can yield 300 grams per M2 indoors and up to 400 grams per M2 outdoors. When late September rolls around your crops will be ready for harvest.

Appearance and Aroma

The buds on this plant have a thick and dense appearance because they grow real sturdy. Also, these nuggets are coated in gorgeous resin, which explains the high THC concentration.

White Ruski nugs smell of sweet fruits along with spicy undertones, a common feature of "white" strains. But, you may also notice earthy aromas during the plant’s vegetative and flowering cycles.

MSNL Editors Verdict

White Ruski has a mix of genetics that come from legendary strains, so naturally, this is a strain we often rave about. Also, because its lineage gives it a super strength potency, medical users around the world are experiencing major benefits when they smoke this plant. Even though the strain leans more towards Indica, the effects are still cerebral but also relaxing.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The rich earthy and spicy scents come through in the later stages of flowering, which are replicated in the initial hit. This is then replaced with a more subtle yet equally delicious sweet flavor on the exhale. Think of cinnamon buns with a slightly citrus tang.

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white ruski feminized marijuana
  • "Tastes like a pine tree made of candy"

    Review by

    White ruski is deffinatley a favorite of mine now. It grows fast and strurdy with a piney smell. 10 to 12 ozs easy so far, with thick dense nuggets. Grown in hp cc soil branches thick in diameter and sturdy to hold the weight of the nugs. The taste is wonmderful like a christmas candy treat, its sweet and smooth. The high is quick to take over youre head and leave you in a foggy state. I also wash my buds for best taste and smoking experience.

  • "White Ruski outdoor "

    Review by

    5 STARS Soaked in distilled water 24h, then into 2" then 6" peat pots in germ room (FF-Ocean Forest full strength) in ground 2nd week of May in Colorado foot hills. Used Nirvana Soil tabs and Flower tabs, and prepped garden with worm casting, steer manure and bat Guano. Got moderate sun due to buildings and trees in the area. MUCH higher leaf to flower ratio than indoor grow. Harvested in early September due to smell too strong for neighborhood. MUCH stronger sweet earthy smell outdoors. Smoke is very slightly stronger than the indoor as well and got 12 oz dried flower. 5 stars. AWESOME QUALITY

  • "Nice strain"

    Review by

    Good all around strain!!!

  • "White Ruski. .indoors"

    Review by

    I did a White Ruski under 600 watt MH/HPS, 6 WEEK VEG AND READY AT EXACTLY 8 WEEKS FLOWER. Smell is sweet and fruity as is the taste a true "white" strain as advertised. High is cerebral and relaxing. Top end strain AS ADVERTISED

  • "Not good"

    Review by

    All but one of these died. Had great luck in past with this supplier but not this round. I'm moving on.

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