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Products beginning with 'c'

  • Cannatonic Feminized

    1:1 CBD THC Ratio
    8% CBD
    Non Psychoactive
    Highly popular medicine 

  • Caramelicious Feminized
    Sweet and smooth caramel flavour
    Hard hitting deep body stone
    High yielding and very hardy
  • Caryophyllene Terpene Pack
    Short Description
  • CBD Queen Feminized
    10.34% CBD : 5% THC
    Outstanding Medical Strain
    Very easy to grow
    Massive resin production
  • Cheese Cake Feminized
    Cheese crossed with a powerful indica
    Low leaf to bud ratio. easy to trim
    Powerful long lasting cheese stone.
  • Chemdog Feminized
    Legendary strain from California
    Massive yields 700g/m2 +
    THC 21% +
    Excellent medical qualities
  • Cherry Kush Feminized
    Insane cherry flavour
    THC Levels 23% +
    Massive yields 600 g/m2 +
    OG Kush x Cherry Haze
  • Chocolope Feminized
    Super Sweet chocloate taste
    Sativa dominant cannabis strain
    Cerebral, uplifting high
    Big yielder
  • Chronic Bud

    A true connoisseur's strain
    Real knockout punch
    Great balance of strength, yield & taste
    High yielding and easy to grow

  • Classic Pack Feminized
    Classic Value Pack combines the 3 most classic marijuana strains at the best prices and is now available in Feminized.
  • Classic Seed Pack
    The Classic Value Pack is a combination of 3 classic marijuana strains at a discounted price. Classic Value Pack includes 10 seeds of each variety of Big Bud, White Widow and Northern Lights which are all classic Dutch coffeeshop favorites, giving you a total of 30 seeds.
  • Cotton Candy Kush
    Super Sweet Candy aroma and taste
    Highly potent
    Easy to grow, short flowering time
    Knockout stone
  • Critical
    Massive yielder, producing similar harvests to Big Bud
    Fruity skunk aroma and taste
    Very easy to grow - perfect for beginners
    Ideal commercial strain
  • Critical Feminized
    Massive producer, rivalling Big Bud in yield
    Fruity skunk aroma and taste
    Super easy to grow - perfect for beginners
    Ideal commercial strain
  • Critical Thunder Auto Feminized
    Critical Mass x White Widow Max Auto Cross
    Huge yields and maximum potency
    Skunky citrus flavour
    Indica stone
  • Crystal

    High Life Cup winner '02
    Crystal is White Widow crossed with Northern Lights
    Produces sticky buds covered with crystals
    Has a real kick

  • Crystal Feminized
    High Life Cup winner '02
    Produces sticky buds covered with crystals
    Very high in THC
    Has a real kick