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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • 10 Best Blunt Wraps for Weed

    Blunt wraps are one of the finest ways to enjoy your weed.  Here’s the basics of what you need to know about them.  Continue reading

  • How to make Cannabis Oil (Cannabis infused Cooking Oil)

    Cannabis oil, also known as weed oil, THC oil and canna oil is a cannabis infused oil great for using in various food recipes. It is the next best marijuana based ingredient beside cannabutter. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

    Yield is what cannabis growers call their harvest.  Indoor growers tend to measure it per metre of growing space.  Outdoor growers tend to measure it in grams per plant.  There are a lot of factors which can influence yield.  This makes it very difficult to give broad estimates of how much bud you can expect to collect.  As a rough rule of thumb, however, these days 400g/2 to 500g/m2 would be a baseline estimate for indoor marijuana strains.  Similarly, 500g per plant to 600g per plant would be a baseline estimate for outdoor marijuana strains.  Continue reading

  • Top 10 High CBD Strains of 2019

    CBD is making a comeback.  Some people might say it never really went away. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, an active ingredient found in the marijuana species. High CBD strains are now very much in demand.  Possibly their most obvious use is for CBD oil. Continue reading

  • Best Bud Trimming Scissors for Marijuana

    Anyone that knows how to harvest marijuana knows there’s a lot of trimming involved. Finding the right trimming scissors for the job is important. If you don’t get the right kind, not only will they be uncomfortable to use, but you could also damage your bud.   Continue reading

  • Why Cannabis Edibles are Creating a Buzz

    With the ongoing legalization of cannabis and prompt proof of its recreational and medicinal properties, many people are relying on cannabis edibles for its various benefits. Continue reading

  • How to clean glass smoking pipes or bowls

    After you have used your glass bowl pipe several times, it’s going to become very dirty. Resin will start to cake up the inside of it, giving anything you smoke an unpleasant taste and smell. Additionally, resin is full of carbon and carcinogens, so it’s best if you’re not smoking residue all the time. What is the best way to clean a glass smoking pipes, though? It turns out you have several options when it’s time to clean yours. Continue reading

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