Animal Mints. What a strain. Seriously, with a parental background covering some of the finest new school genetics of the past ten years, it shouldn't be any great shock, but Animal Mints deserves to be celebrated in its own right.

What specifically makes this cultivar stand out from such a crowded market?

A few key things. This strain is an almost perfectly balanced, 50/50 hybrid that packs a plus 25% THC punch (with some phenos testing as high as 33%), it oozes some of the most deliciously stanky terps in a combo rarely seen with newer options, and offers high flying, cerebral and super satisfying effects. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's dive into the details.

Animal Mints weed strain info

Bred by the magicians out of Seed Junky Genetics (in southern Cali), Animal Mints is a result of a three-way breeding program - Fire OG x Animal Cookies X Thin Mint Cookies.  If you haven't had the chance to sample any of these three, it might be time to find a new dispensary, as they are all absolute box tickers, through and through, but Animal Mints may just be our favourite of all of the Cookies strain crosses.

With Animal Mints, Seed Junky Genetics has done what all breeders set out achieve, but most miss. That is, to grab all the very best parts of each of the parental strains, and perfectly mix them into a single, potent and incredibly tasty flower. Equal parts gassy, dank and sweet - Animal Mints is one of those unique strains that can fill a room with its smell, whilst simultaneously offering a flavor that simply can't be forgotten.

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What is the terpene profile of Animal Mints?

Terpenes give weed its unique taste and aroma and are found in varying percentages in each strain. Here are the four main dominant terpenes that are in the Animal Mints flower. Beta-myrcene imparts earthy, musky flavors while alpha-pinene adds a piney, refreshing taste to Animal Mints weed strain.

Beta Myrcene1.5%
Alpha Pinene0.21%

What does Animal Mints taste like?

While the fact that Animal Mints is, well, minty shouldn't be ground-shaking info, but geez does she pack an almighty minty wallop. Fresh to the extreme, this strain also comes in hot with a comforting undercurrent of sweet, almost chocolatey, OG gas.

What are the effects of Animal Mints strain?

The effects of Animal Mints can range a wide spectrum of the entire weed gamut, and this is all thanks to the almost perfect 50/50 split of Sativa and Indica genetics.

Beginning much more on the sativa side of the scale, expect to be whistled away from any pains, physical or mental, with happy and uplifted feelings. Cerebral and buzz are two words thrown around often in the world of weed, but they have never been more true than right here. The initial blast-off can be somewhat surprising, and this is down to the fact that when grown perfectly, you can expect the potency to hit the holy grail, 30% mark!

As the experience progresses, you can expect things to settle slightly, and at around the 30 min mark, you will be thrown into a gorgeous Indica embrace. Calming and euphoric in its presence, Animal Mints is perfect for those looking to wind down after a long day, or if you are looking for a slightly more sedated and relaxing experience to end the ceremony.

What do medical users say about Animal Mints?

Medical users looking for a strain that they can truly rely on would be hard-pressed to find one better than Animal Mints. Its strong narcotic-like effects can be just enough to tackle pains, whilst still allowing users to remain relatively functional.

For anxiety sufferers, it offers an incredibly calming high, and one that won't cause any overbearing feelings or paranoia - but they do warn of over consumption here. Stick to the "go low, go slow" rule here, as you would with any high-potency strain.

In terms of other conditions, Animal Mints has been shown to potentially help with depression, stress, and chronic fatigue. Its long-lasting effects make it an ideal choice for those who really need a break, both physically and mentally.

What is Animal Mints like to grow?

Growing Animal Mints is an absolute dream both indoors and out. Reaching a maximum height of around 6 feet outdoors with a long veg period, or about 5 feet under lights, while she's not the easiest strain in the world to grow, she is also anywhere from the most difficult.

For those who are looking for a strain with massive yield potential, this one fits the bill. Up to 600 grams per square meter indoors, and a pound plus per plant outdoors. Although, to reach these numbers, you'll have to get training early. Top her at least twice, defoliate liberally just before she switches from vegetative growth to flowering, and get a decent-sized SCroG screen in place for the best results.

We have found great results in organic soil blends, coco-coir, and full hydroponic set ups - with the latter being the best for maximum yield potential. Be sure to keep her well-fed throughout her entire life cycle, as she can be a bit of a heavy feeder.

Topping it all off, Animal Mints offers outstanding mold resistance and can handle more humidity than the average cannabis strain. This makes her a great choice for those looking to grow in slightly less-than-optimal conditions.

Animal Mints Strain FAQ

Is Animal Mints indica or sativa?

Animal Mints is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid, with a near 50/50 split between Sativa and Indica genetics.

Is Animal Mints strong?

Yes indeed! With potency levels reaching anywhere between 25% to 33%, Animal Mints is a truly powerful strain. Potency is something earned, not given - at least to a certain extent. If max potency is your main goal, then hydroponics is your best friend. Coco-coir is another great substrate option, as it works incredibly well with Animal Mints., and offers the ease of soil-based cultivation techniques with the versatility of hydro.

Who bred Animal Mints?

Animal Mints was first bred by Seed Junky Genetics at their Southern California based lab. They have earned a reputation for breeding some of the very finest in cannabis genetics, and Animal Mints is a great example of their team's expertise.


Overall, Animal Mints is one of those rare breeds that seem to offer a little something for everyone. Combining an absolutely delicious terpene profile with uplifting yet potent effects, a moderate grow difficulty level, and huge yields to boot - what more can you really ask for?