When first deciding on whether or not to grow your own weed, you might be shocked to see the prices of some initial supplies. But like any hobby or activity - there’s always a budget way to do so. Whether you want to grow indoors, or outdoors, there are simple tips you can follow to grow marijuana cheap. How? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to growing weed cheap 101.

Top Tips for Cutting Cannabis Cultivation Costs

Before we get into the specifics of growing weed on a budget indoors, and outdoors - let’s cover the general ways you can save money when starting your own crops.

Autoflowers tend to be more cost effective

Autoflower plants are smaller in size, and have a significantly shorter life cycle than regular photoperiod plants. That means they help save on electricity costs per harvest, plus require less nutrients overall.

Always buy from a trusted seed retailer

When trying to grow marijuana cheap, throwing your money away shouldn’t be a part of the plan. Which can happen when you purchase from untrustworthy seed retailers and breeders. Ensure that you’re getting what you pay for, by always choosing reputable seed brands.

Grow from clones if possible

Once you have a genetic or strain you know you can grow successfully, you can cut down on costs (and time!) by growing from clones. Just save a mother plant in veg, and continually take clones to repeatedly grow the exact same gene.

Reuse and repurpose supplies

Some items that you’ll have on your initial grow room shopping list, will last for longer than just 1 harvest. Pots, and soil can be easily reused, and tools like hoses, trimmers, watering cans, etc. typically last until they break and need replacement.

reuse soil for harvest to grow weed cheap

Best Practices for Growing Weed on a Budget - Indoors

Building your own grow room space can be overwhelming when it comes to costs. For instance, some lights can cost over $1,000 for just 1 system. However, with a few expert tips you can easily grow weed more cost-efficiently, indoors. Here’s how -

  • DIY your own grow tent or space 

    Instead of buying a costly grow tent see what you have at home that you can re-purpose. Or what materials you can get handy with, to make your own tent. Many home growers repurpose closets, small cabinets, or use tarps to block off small spaces or corners. With most grow tents costing $100 minimum, this can be big savings right off the bat.

  • Weigh initial light costs vs. electricity costs over time
     LED lights are highly more energy efficient than other lights

    When browsing light sources and systems, don’t forget to weigh the initial investment cost vs. electricity costs over time. LED lights are highly more energy efficient than other lights like HID, HPS or MH. Yet far more expensive up-front, due to their quality and longevity. Most light brands will provide the monthly cost to run the lights in their product description, to help. Don’t forget - your light will be providing your plant the necessary energy it needs for growth, so it might not be the area to skimp on cost wise.

  • Choose a cost-effective medium 

    Where you can get away with skimping on costs, or DIY methods without losing on quality, is mediums. Soil is by far the cheapest method, and can produce just as superior weed as others.

  • Save on nutrients w/ organic feeds

    By composting or making your own compost tea recipe for nutrients, you can save on expensive feed while also going ‘organic’.

  • Buy an all-in-one grow kit set-up

    Now, more than ever retailers are selling all-in-one grow kit set-ups that are manufactured at a cost ideal for any home grower. When purchasing the grow kits, you’ll save on trips to the grow store and have everything you need without having to research or find out yourself.

But keep in mind - one area we can’t advise on cutting costs is ventilation or environmental controls. Keeping optimal conditions when it comes to humidity and temperature is key when it comes to producing quality weed. Especially without molds, pests, or issues. So if you choose to invest in any high-cost items for your grow room or space, do consider a humidifier, dehumidifier, air exhaust system, etc

Best Practices for Growing Weed on a Budget - Outdoors

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that harnessing the natural power of the sun and outdoor environments is far cheaper than indoor set-ups. But, when growing weed outdoors you don’t always have the luxury of year-round or perpetual harvests. Plus, you have far less control over the environment to nurture the highest quality growth, like you would indoors. Regardless, for growers seeking to grow weed cheap - cultivating outdoors can be the way to go. Just keep these tips in mind to maximize success and cost-saving measures.

  • Choose fast-flowering strains

    Autoflowers or fast-flowering strains can be even more ideal for growing weed on a budget outdoors. By choosing these types of genetics, you’ll maximize the number of harvests you can have per season, therefore maximizing your returns.

  • Reuse soil for harvests 

    Just like indoor spaces, you can easily reuse soil for outdoor harvests by planting in the same pots or location in the ground.

  • Select the right location for highest returns in yields

    Speaking of location, choosing the right spot outdoors will also help maximize your return. You’ll want the area to be in full sun for most of the day, around 12 hours if possible.

Low on Budget, High on Quality

Just because you decide to cut costs, doesn’t mean you’ll be cutting down on quality. By choosing a top-notch seed retailer, and top-shelf genetics, you’ll be surprised by how simple good weed can grow. So don’t put your growing dreams aside...just budget your way to bud! Save these growing weed on a budget tips, and start shopping for cost-effective, yet high-quality seeds from MSNL.