The Master Kush strain is a leader of the pack when it comes to pure Indicas. This strain became popular in the coffee shops of the cannabis capital, Amsterdam. Today it can be found throughout the world. It has quickly gained a reputation as one of the purest and best indicas on the market

The History of Master Kush Strain

The Master Kush strain comes from a long line of cannabis plants that grew in the wild, throughout the mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Stemming from two landrace strains, Master Kush was originally named High Rise, after the building it was bred in. When the Dutch White Label Seed Company bred High Rise, they renamed it Master Kush. 

This is the name under which the strain became one of the most popular strains around. Some strains have jumped on the popularity of this strain and even go under the same name. The true Master Kush though, comes only from its Hindu Kush and Skunk #1 lineage. 

Master Kush has proved itself as a true master time and time again. Over the years, the strain has won The Cannabis Cup twice. Once in 1992 and again in 1993. Its also rumored to be the preferred choice of Snoop Dog. Its even the main ingredient in Snoop Dogs own marijuana line. 

The Effects and Characteristics of Master Kush

Simply looking at a Master Kush is exciting for any marijuana enthusiast. This plant grows deep green leaves with short, compact stems. The buds have intertwining orange pistils, that are covered with sticky white trichomes. The buds are also emit a musty scent that also carries notes of citrus.  

master kush cannabis bud

The musty scent follows through to the deep flavour Master Kush brings. Its earthy, woody, pungent, but pleasantly so. The combination of the hints of pine and subtle oak in the flavor have also led to some describing the taste of Master Kush as vintage.  

With a THC content thats typically between 20 and 24 percent, Master Kush brings with it a nice potent high every single time. This makes it ideal for medicinal use, or those that simply need to unwind after a long, hard day.  

After just a few draws from a joint or vaporizer, Master Kush makes people feel completely relaxed. This makes it great for anyone that needs to treat their anxiety, or wants to forget about their worries for a while. Its these effects that also make this strain ideal for treating chronic pain, nausea, and depression. Master Kush will not make you completely numb though, as some other Indicas are prone to do.  

Your creativity will be awakened, almost like a sativa effect. Even though there isn’t a trace of sativa in this strain. It’s natural for users to also feel happy and euphoric. Although it has a pure Indica heritage, Master Kush is actually a great strain to use when trying to get things done.  

That being said, the Master Kush strain is extremely potent. Just a few too many hits, or too many nibbles from an edible, can bring on feelings of paranoia. Some users report getting a headache after excessive use. Due to its pure indica roots, Master Kush also has sedative effects, particularly as more is consumed. 

Like most cannabis indica strains, Master Kush is also associated with some side effects. These are generally nothing more than the typical dry mouth and dry eyes.  

The effects of Master Kush will generally last two to three hours, depending on how much is consumed. However, the munchies that come with it will last for several hours longer. This is sometimes seen as a negative. But it can also help those suffering from lack of appetite, often a side effect of cancer treatment.  

Grow Information for Master Kush

Master Kush is such a popular strain, its no wonder so many people want to try raising their own at home. The good news is that this strain is incredibly easy to grow. Having adapted to the wild mountain regions from which it originates gives their strain its robust genetics.

One of the reasons growers love the Master Kush strain so much is because it grows fairly short. In fact, Master Kush will not typically grow over 30 inches. Thats less than three feet tall! This is perfect for growers that are short on space or want to keep their cultivation discreet.  

master kush growing closeup

However, Master Kush can also handle slightly cooler evening temperatures. This makes it ideal for some that want to grow outdoors, but only under the right conditions. The mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan from which this strain is from is extremely hot and humid. Many growers find the most difficult thing about cultivating their plants is providing those high levels of heat and humidity. For some, this makes cultivating Master Kush outdoors difficult for those living in certain climates. 

Growers have found over time that the Master Kush strain responds especially well when its placed in a sea of green (SOG) setup. Garden trellises are sometimes used, which can help growers clear out lower bud sites to direct more energy into the colas.  

Like other strains, growers have also stated that using a hydroponic setup gives the grower more control over the plants cultivation. Although when using a hydroponic setup, Master Kush plants can also become easily jostled. This can cause them to tip right over, which could essentially damage the plant.  

When it comes to feeding time, Master Kush is much like its parents that grew in the mountains. It is a very hearty feeder so its essential that the plant is regularly give a high-grade, high-nutrient fertilizer. This will help it create the dense stalk that will support the plant and all its glorious buds.  

Master Kush is also a contradiction to many other Kush strains. Typically these plants take a bit longer to flower. However, growers are typically delighted to find that their Master Kush flowers in as little as seven to eight weeks. This low flowering time doesnt only bring you closer to harvest, it also makes it easier to predict whether or not the plant can be taken outdoors.  

The plant will reward those that are able to grow Master Kush in the conditions it requires. The yield from these plants is typically very large, with growers reaping between three to six ounces per square foot. 

The Master Kush strain is a very hearty plant that can stand up to a lot and still provide a terrific yield.

The calming, yet creative effects it brings are enough to knock out the worries of the day. It also provides relief from ailments such as chronic pain and nausea. There are few strains on the market today that are as pure in its heritage roots as this one. Although this strain has only been around for a few decades, theres little doubt that its going to be around for a very long time to come.