The whole "world's strongest strain" discussion truly is a never-ending beast. From the breeding rooms of the North-Western United States to the seed banks of Europe, there are countless cultivars that make the claim, but how many strains really are contenders for the title?

A bunch, that's how many. In this brave new world of cannabis legality, the opportunity for real-life Dr. Greenthumbs to tinker with the genetics of everyone's favorite plant openly, and to conduct peer-reviewed research and full lab testing has made the pool of contestants that much deeper than even just a decade ago.

And while genetics play a hugely important role in the final potency of a particular plant, the environmental conditions and the style of cultivation also help shape the final product. We may never know with 100% certainty which strain really is the strongest at one moment in time, but one candidate that certainly deserves consideration is Godfather OG.

Testing at levels previously unheard of, and topping the 2017 "High Times Strongest Strains On Earth" list - this heavy hitter of the highest degree certainly deserves some further discussion.

So, is the Godfather OG weed strain the strongest flower option on the market right now? Possibly...

Let's dig a little deeper and find out more...

How Strong Is Godfather OG?

Every strain that High Times lists on their Strongest Strains On Earth chart is , of course, going to be a banger. And with Godfather OG topping that list (back in 2017), it's safe to assume that it's strong. Very strong.

A quick google search shows that Godfather OG actually tested out at 34.04% back in 2016, which was the main reason behind its placing at the tippy top of the previously mentioned list.

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Is It All Potency And No Body?

Nope, this is no one-hit wonder. While potency is a good way to measure strains against each other, it isn't always the first thing I consider when looking for a new strain. Sure, I like a good, strong flower offering - but what I am really interested in is, well, something interesting. Something that tastes great, and smells even better. A strain that ticks the boxes medically, and also for a little recreational fun.

Godfather OG ticks all of these boxes, plus a few more.

Where Did Godfather OG Originate?

While the Pacific North-West region of the USA is known as the mecca for cannabis genetics, it is anything but the only holy land of weed in the States. Thanks to the wave of legalization that is currently sweeping the land of the free (and has been for the past few years now), there are great breeders dotted around the country from coast to coast.

Godfather OG was originally offered up not straight outta Compton, but probably not far from there either. The specific breeder that brought us the Godfather OG strain is actually somewhat of a mystery. And although there is still some debate over the exact ancestral lineage, most agree that it is a direct cross of XXX OG and Alpha OG - both absolute bangers in their own right. And the mystery of this strain was only bolstered thanks to the fact that, at one point a few years back, there were a couple of shady seedbanks offering what they claimed to be the real deal, but with a markedly different genetic heritage.

Nothing to worry about here at MSNL though. As the oldest seed bank on the internet, we always ensure that all of the strains we offer are exactly what the package says!

The Godfather OG Smoke Test

The Godfather Og cannabis cultivar is one of the tastiest, stankiest strains I have ever personally had the pleasure of sparking up. Equal parts earthy and piney, with some of that OG spice we all know and love. But that's not where the aroma ends. The fragrance is loud, deep, and intriguing. There are subtle notes of an almost candied grape floating around, and this is backed up with some fresh citrus to finish things off.

Flavor-wise, the sweetness is what is first most notable, but not for very long. Things quickly shift to the more savory end of the spectrum, and all I can say here is hot damn. This is a super well-balanced flavor profile thanks to the pine/grape finish that is pretty unique for new-school offerings.

If cured correctly (and if you have ended up here then I am guessing you are planning on grabbing a couple of Godfather OG seeds and growing it yourself, so you will have full control over the curing timing - 4 weeks minimum, but if you have the patience to wait upwards of 12 weeks then you'll be handsomely rewarded), the smoke is like butter. Smooth, creamy, almost velvety smoke that lingers on the taste buds for longer than most.

 What Are The Effects Of Godfather OG?

We have talked about just how potent this strain is, but what are the actual effects that you can expect other than being splendidly stoned?

Let's put it this way, if you have been having trouble sleeping or finding your appetite, then Godfather OG is a good choice. A great choice even.

Like all worthy hybrids (Godfather OG is 60% Indica / 40% Sativa), you will find that the effects are a mix of the best of both worlds. Beginning with a heady cerebral rollercoaster ride, things quicky settle down into the more Indica side of the effect spectrum. New-comers should treat Godfather OG with the respect it truly deserves, and dip their toes before diving in head first.

After that initial blast-off has calmed just slightly, the Indica effect rolls on in. The relaxing, euphoria-inducing full-body stone is something that has to be felt to be fully believed, and the giggles that usually follow are almost too good to be true.

If you are looking for a strain that will leave you feeling 'glued' to the couch, while equally allowing that creative part of your psyche to run free, Godfather OG is your answer.

What Is Godfather OG Strain Used For?

The medical applications of this strain are also pretty noteworthy. As much as recreational uses might come first in the hearts and minds of many, the medical community absolutely loves this strain (me included).

It can work wonders on the body and has been used to treat a range of conditions including chronic pain, major stress relief (which can be a helpful tool in the battle against depression and anxiety), and chronic fatigue. Insomniacs will find great relief from this strain, as will patients dealing with a lack of hunger.

This is just scratching the surface here, but I think you get the point. Godfather OG has all of the goods to make it an absolute must for any seasoned smoker.

 What Is The Terpene Profile Of Godfather OG?

It's not just the cannabinoid count that is impressive with Godfather OG. Nope, the overall terpene percentage sits at around 3%, which is a fair bit higher than most other strains. No wonder she's about as loud as can be.

Limonene is the dominant terpene. It's backed up by beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, beta-pinene, and linalool.

Godfather OG Strain Grow Info

Image courtesy of u/Correct_Republic3203. "r/weedporn". Reddit

To say she's an easy-to-grow girl would be a little bit of an understatement. This is the perfect option for the newbies among us, but also a great addition to any weed garden.

Thanks to the slight Indica dominance, she maxes out at around the 5-foot or 1.5-meter mark, phenotype dependent. Of the four indoor and six outdoor Godfather OG plants I personally grew, most were very similar phenotypically. There was one true outlier, with a much more Sativa-ish growth pattern and a slightly longer flowering period, but the rest were almost clone-like identical.

Since the internodal spacing is quite tight, I definitely recommend running some training through the entire crop during the vegetative period.

My training regime for Godfather OG is as follows -

  • I topped all the plants after the fourth node, and again after the seventh. For the outdoor plants, I topped once again a few weeks later, but the indoor plants were only topped twice.
  • Super-cropping also seemed to work absolute wonders with this strain. The robustness of the healed growth was pretty impressive, as was the bud development on the super-cropped branches. I kept the super-cropping to just 35% of growth, and only the bigger branches.
  • Once flowering was getting close, I put up ScrOG nets and trained the canopy outwards as much as possible.

The Color Palette of Godfather OG

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is the coloration of the buds.

The range of hues available with Godfather OG is one of the main reasons why she became so wildly popular (on top of the potency).

The base coat of dark green can easily be speckled with the most vivid purples and reds, giving her an intensely unique look that is almost impossible to replicate. Think of the best-looking weed you have ever seen, multiply that by about 10, and you are getting close to just how appealing this strain looks in the bag.

Is Godfather Og Indica Or Sativa?

This strain is a hybrid, with a genetic split of 60% Indica to 40% Sativa.

Is Godfather Og Hard To Grow?

Nope, not at all. This is a true plant-and-forget strain, but with a little bit of attention, the rewards can be very impressive. I'd say this strain is a great choice for even the greenest of growers.

The Wrap Up

So, there we go. Godfather OG is one of those strains that holds a pretty special spot in my heart. Stronger than the devil's breath itself and a true treat to smoke in terms of both flavor and fragrance - this strain is definitely worth trying out.

Whether you are just starting out in the world of cannabis growing, or you are a seasoned veteran looking to add something special to your garden - Godfather OG is maybe the best option of the last 10 years.