Forbidden fruit. What a banging name for a cannabis strain. And just like the apple from the biblical tale, the weed it refers to is a little naughty. Maybe not in the same realm of naughtiness, but naughty all the same. And naughty in all the right ways. 

So, is the Forbidden Fruit ganga strain as hard to find as the internet might make you believe? Stick around, as we go deep into the Garden of Eden and get all sticky-icky ooh wee 

Is Forbidden Fruit A Rare Strain? 

Forbidden Fruit first hit the scene with rave reviews, becoming a true overnight sensation.  And with a name like that, how could it not be? It's the perfect blend of sweet and skunky, with just a hint of something exotic. 

Now, as for its availability… well, that's a bit of a tricky question. You see, Forbidden Fruit is what's known as a "limited release" strain in many dispensaries, but with the plant recently becoming regularly available from seed banks we expect to see the gorgeous strain more often.  

Who Makes Forbidden Fruit? 

Forbidden Fruits come from the renowned San Fran-based breeders at Chameleon Extracts. It was back in 2016 when she first came to life - birthed from a holy union of a female Tangie plant that was specifically pollinated from an absolute beast of a Cherry Pie cultivar.  

The offspring produced a range of phenotypes, but one outlier - a stunning purple lady- offered a nice balance of the best features from both parent strains. It took a good little while before they were ready to release the beast onto us, but boy did they do the hard yards. The resulting strain is one of our favorites, for a bunch of reasons. Tastier than most, stankier than all, and a true big leaguer. This gorgeous strain is a real gift - can you tell we love it yet?  

Is Forbidden Fruit An Indica Or Sativa Strain? 

The Forbidden Fruit strain is an Indica dominant hybrid, packing a 75/25 split of Indica and Sativa genetics. This means that you can expect to experience the best of both worlds when indulging in this particular herb, but the Indica side kicks a little harder. 

You'll be hit with an initial cerebral high that comes courtesy of the Sativa side of things, which pretty quickly melts into a more body lock, Indica punch type of boogie.  It's the perfect strain for a lazy day when you don't want to do much, but still want to be social. 

In terms of medical uses, Forbidden Fruits is an option many people turn to when looking for a strain that can help with easing anxiety, stress, and inflammation. 

Is Forbidden Fruit A Strong Strain? 

Strong would be just a slight understatement. She kicks and kicks hard. Lab analysis shows can reach up to 26+% THC when grown in perfect conditions. She comes covered in huge trichomes, a frosty fruit for sure. 

CBD levels are minimal,  but most people searching for this one are of the THC-chasing variety.  Novice smokers should start off slow, and let the high sit before double dipping. 

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Is Forbidden Fruit Easy To Grow? 

Forbidden Fruit cannabis strain greenhouse grow with scrog net
Forbidden Fruit cannabis strain greenhouse grow with scrog net

Yes indeed. She takes well to a wide range of climate conditions and has high resistance to mold. 

It goes without saying that to get the best possible yield and top potency you need to treat her like the queen she is - and if you do so - you'll be handsomely rewarded with mountains of delicious, purple nugs. 

For outdoor growers, you'll want to get this one in the ground pretty early. Although she has a fast flowering time, we found she did super well with an extra week or so of vegetative growth. 

One thing to keep in mind though. Unlike a lot of the new age genetics, Forbidden Fruit does not like to be overfed, so you don't wanna be pushing the PPM up too high. This is a plant-and-forget type of strain. She just seems to thrive with next to no care, and a low-level nutrient feeding schedule. 

She does respond really well to SCROGing. We set our net up after the third node, and she filled it out beautifully. Shes a densely growing nugget of a cultivar, so the SCROG (Screen of Green) setup is perfect for spreading her out all nice and even. 

Forbidden Fruit Yield 

She's a pretty heavy producer, with the possibility of 500gr/m² for indoor setups. We like to run three Forbidden Fruit plants per square meter under a 600W LED panel - with this we saw almost a pound from the first three we ran. 

Outdoors, things are a little different and you can get up to 16 ounces per plant - but only if you've got the perfect conditions. That being said, she is just such an easy strain to grow, and even if you don't get the sunniest outdoor season you'll still end up with a more than decent amount of fruity delicious goodness. 

What Is The Flowering Time For Forbidden Fruit? 

Anywhere between eight to ten weeks, depending on the cultivation style and the temps throughout the grow. Indoors she seems to finish up a little quicker, but as with all grows - you can't rush perfection. 

Don't go falling victim to the classic novice grower mistake of getting over-excited and chopping her down prematurely. If you don't already have one, head out and pick up a portable USB microscope. The days of jewelers loupes are behind us, ladies and gentlemen. 


Forbidden Fruit is an amazing strain to grow, perfect for anyone looking to relax and take it easy. She's a delicious cultivar that packs a serious punch, so make sure you're prepared before indulging. 

She is easy to grow, offers more bag appeal than 95% of the strains on the market, is a hash maker wet-dream thanks to over-the-top trichome production, and is quite simply one of the best strains we have ever had the pleasure of growing.