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Top 10 Cannabis Strains for a New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and everyone has their own way of celebrating. Maybe you like to head out and light up the town, whether it’s at a club or going to a party. Or maybe you’re more the type that likes to stay cosy indoors and watch movies or binge-watch your favorite Netflix show. Whatever kind of New Year’s Eve you enjoy, there’s a cannabis strain that will help you light up the night and ring in the New Year in the best way.

Super Silver Haze

Any cannabis strain that includes the term ‘haze’ is going to guarantee a party and of them all, Super Silver Haze may just be the best. This sativa-dominant strain offers a totally cerebral high which can keep party guests inventing the best high-deas in between bouts of laughter. And when the party goes well past midnight, it will help party-goers stay awake and be one of the last to leave with lots of fun new memories.

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Do Si Dos

If you’re staying in to Netflix and chill, or having a relaxing game night of fun, then Do-si-dos is perfect to get lit with on New Year’s Eve. The indica dominant strain is highly potent and delivers its consumers an uplifting yet comfortably relaxing buzz. Not to mention its beautiful buds glisten with a coating of powerful trichomes, reminiscent of the ball that drops at midnight. You’ll have a clear-headed focus ideal for strategizing on your turn, and bubbly, conversational effects to keep your night light-hearted and fun. Do-si-dos’ unique balance of mental and physical stimulation will have you dancing with delight to your favourite tunes, before the high becomes soothingly tranquil as you wind down your night. 

Buy Do Si Dos here.


jack-herer-marijuanaJack Herer

Jack Herer is a special cannabis strain that has a lot to bring to any night, and New Year’s Eve is definitely no exception. A sativa dominant strain, it provides all the giggly fun that one would expect from a sativa, but it also takes a lot to drag one down – meaning that the fun can go on well after the clock has struck midnight and partiers can enjoy the first few moments of 2018. While enjoying them, it’ll be easy to look towards the New Year filled with hope too, as Jack Herer is known for its feelings of well-being it brings.

Buy Jack Herer here.

Sunset Sherbet

Brighten up any New Year’s Eve gathering, or night at home with the euphoric good feels that Sunset Sherbet delivers. After a year full of stresses, Sunset Sherbet will melt away any anxieties and put you in an uplifted mood to start the upcoming year off, right. Its candy-like flavours are a perfect treat after your New Year’s Eve feast, with citrus, and sweet berry aromas. Sunset Sherbet has a unique balance of sativa and indica effects, that’ll keep your mind energized and elevated while feeling deeply relaxed for a comforting yet exhilarating buzz. Even better? The strain comes from classic lineages, that’ll be sure to impress any of your best buds or comrades connoisseurs.  

Buy Sunset Sherbet here.

Sour Diesel

Light up Sour Diesel in a crowd and you’ll be sure to have people crowding around for a hit of their own. Its distinctive pungent aroma similar to gas is unmistakeable and those who know it know it well. It’s all about the cerebral high with this sativa, so you can be sure it will leave you feeling energetic and joyous. And when you share it with fellow partiers, you’ll likely find yourself striding into the New Year with some newfound friends.

Buy Sour Diesel here.


Gelato Auto

Bring dessert to your New Year’s Eve gathering with the sweet, fruity and spicy flavours of the Gelato Auto strain. The West Coast legendary genetic is sure to get any party started, as long as you’re with experienced users. Gelato is quite potent with intense effects, so beginners might want to proceed with caution or keep a one-hit-and-quit type of mentality. The nearly equal hybrid delivers energizing and euphoric effects, that calm into a chilled out and mellow body buzz. Gelato not only glistens with its crystal coating of trichomes, but shines with the sense of tranquil peace that is blissful for a night of celebration.

Buy Gelato Auto here.

Amnesia Haze

Another cannabis strain from the Haze family, Amnesia Haze is another great strain to bring to any New Year’s Eve bash. It’s giggly, it’s euphoric, and it will definitely provide an instant pick-me-up for anyone looking to bring the fun to the party. But the real reason Amnesia Haze is one of the best strains to have on you on New Year’s Eve? It doesn’t have a ceiling. So if you want to smoke all night without shutting down, this is the strain for you.

Buy Amnesia Haze here.

Blue Dream


For those that want to be awake to see the clock strike midnight on New Year’s Eve, but also don’t want to have so much energy they feel like they’re jumping out of their skin, Blue Dream is the perfect cannabis strain. It provides some giggles, lots of alertness, and is simply a really cool smoke all around. But it’s super mellow. So for the types that just like to hang back and watch those on the dance floor, or want to stay awake for a Netflix marathon, it’ll help with both without putting anyone to sleep.

Buy Blue Dream here.

Banana Kush

A perfect nightcap for New Year’s Eve or any evening, Banana Kush is an indica dominant strain that will help you wind down the year with total relaxation. You can transform your NYE into a tropical delight with the fresh aromas of Banana Kush, and its vacation type stress-relief. The strain’s fruity and peppery aromas will soothe all your anxieties, with a comforting calm that can be quite sedating at certain dosages. Its vibrant green buds produce a pungent Banana scent that will impress any party guest, or date that you’re hosting. Ideal for after the ball drops, Banana Kush will elevate the mind for uplifting moods as you fall asleep soundly with a refreshed feeling for the new year.  

Buy Banana Kush here.

girl-scout-cookies-marijuana-Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is also an indica dominant cannabis strain, but it’s one that really packs a punch. The average THC content in this beauty is around 22 percent this strain will provide a serious body stone but when used in moderation, still provides the ability to focus on those movies or television marathon. The slight haziness it does bring will be just enough to allow you to forget about the somewhat dismal days of 2017 while getting you ramped up to ring in 2018.

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There are many different types of New Year’s Eve celebrations. And regardless of whether you’re headed out to a friend’s party, or just chilling at home, there’s a strain of cannabis that will help you do it.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 20th December 2020

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