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Indoor Marijuana (Cannabis or Weed) Seeds

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Indoor Marijuana (Cannabis or Weed) Seeds

Our great range of indoor Marijuana (Cannabis or Weed) seeds available for sale online at MSNL were developed specially for growing indoors although most of the strains will still grow very well outdoors or in a greenhouse. We’ve always got a great sale on so keep an eye out for our discount strains with up to 25% off the list price. We’re always checking out new and exciting marijuana seed strains, so stay tuned for new cannabis seeds coming to the indoor product range.

Use our sorting options to find exactly what you want and purchase weed seeds through our online, secure shopping cart with debit or credit card. FREE delivery available on many of our indoor Marijuana (Cannabis) seeds. We ship internationally using stealth delivery.

Here’s some of our most popular indoor weed seeds strains, whether regular or feminized indoor seeds:

The Cheese – A legendary Marijuana seed strain that stems from the underground scene. Known for its massive buds and cheese smell it has now been re-engineered by crossing it with an Afghan male. Uplifting, old-school smoke with attitude.

Bubblegum – A Tasty Cannabis Seed strain high in THC and a sweet smell. Another one of our best sellers and the buds really do taste like bubblegum.

Aurora Indica – One of our strongest indica strains available and very popular due to the medical potential this Marijuana strain has. It has excellent resin production, stays short and finishes fast.

Northern Lights – This strain is well known for winning the Indica Cup in 1988, 1989 and 1990. It’s a highly recommended Cannabis strain, one of the world’s most famous and very popular for indoor growing.

White Widow – This is a winner of the Cannabis Cup with an almost 20% THC content making it very strong. The strain is a indica and sativa mix with a high yield.

Ice – This strain was a winner in the 1988 Cannabis Cup and a new classic. It has a very high THC content and the buds get covered in stunning white crystals.

Crystal – The Crystal strain was winner of the High Life Cup in 2002. Crystal is also the result of the strains White Widow and Northern Lights crossed so you get the best of both. Sticky buds are produced covered in crystal and has a real kick to it.

Big Bud – Cannabis Cup winner in 1999 and another best seller. It has been engineered to be super high yield with big buds (which you can kind of guess from the name!) with a high flower to leaf ratio.

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