Highest THC Seeds

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana responsible for producing a high, is found in especially elevated concentrations in selectively bred, high THC seeds. If you want to grow the strongest strains of weed, then you will need to buy cannabis seeds with the highest levels of THC you can. Our range of High THC strains includes any variety with more than 20% THC. But some of these amazing plants can have THC as high as 28% or more - not for the faint-hearted.

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Do-Si-Do Feminized Seeds
Do Si Dos Feminized
From: US$69.35 As low as US$31.20
THCOver 25%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Best Seller
Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
From: US$73.45 As low as US$33.10
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Best Seller
LA Confidential Marijuana Seeds
LA Confidential Regular
From: US$30.50 As low as US$13.70
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks

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What Are High THC Seeds?

High THC seeds produce plants that contain high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their flowers. THC is the amazing cannabinoid in cannabis that causes its psychoactive effects (in other words – makes you high).

Our high THC cannabis seeds have been cultivated by our team of expert breeders. The process is simple, we pick two of the best high THC parent strains and breed them together. The result is even more potent offspring.

Why grow a high THC strain?

Speak to anyone that smokes cannabis and they will tell you the strongest strains of weed that they’ve smoked. High THC weed is always in high demand, simply because it gives you the strongest high. Whether you are a growing for recreational or medicinal purposes, cultivate a high THC strain and you can guarantee that you will be popular among your friends.

What Are The Effects Of High THC Strains?

High THC strains offer the same effects as other varieties, just amplified. You might choose high THC seeds if you have built up a tolerance level to the effects of smoking weed and potent strains are the way to take your highs to the next level.

Smoking high THC strains is great if you want a stronger and more euphoric experience on the recreational side. There is also evidence to suggest that THC may be able to provide pain relief for medicinal users.

More or less, high THC strains offer all of the effects you might seek but on a bigger scale. Choose a high-THC indica for more potent, longer-lasting physical and sedative effects or a high-THC sativa for more potent, longer-lasting active and sociable effects.

Grow The Best High THC Feminized Seeds?

At MSNL seed bank we have been growing cannabis since 1999 and have perfected the art of pheno hunting. Our breeding team hand pick the most potent weed strains and cross breed them together so that you can cultivate the strongest bud possible. Why grow average weed when you can grow the best?

We have a huge selection of over 30 of the most popular high THC strains for you to choose from -  All with THC levels exceeding 25%.

How Much THC Gets You High?

For most people between 25mg and 50mg would get you pretty high. However, it does also depend on your size and how you consume it. Concentrates provide the most potent highs followed by smoking blunts, vaping and bong hits.

The Benefits Of High THC Cannabis Seeds?

Aside from boasting to all of your friends that you have just grown a super potent strain with a mind blowing high, there are a few other positives of growing high THC marijuana seeds….

  • High THC seeds give you the most powerful highs. If you want to experience stronger effects or your tolerance levels have increased, smoking top shelf high THC bud grown from MSNL is the best way to take your smoking experience to new levels.
  • If your someone that enjoys making and consuming concentrates, then its important to grow strains that contain lots of THC. The more potent your starting material, the better quality concentrates you'll have at the end.
  • Finally, high-THC strains are more cost-effective – let me explain. Because their effects hit harder and last longer, you may end up using less weed compared to the amount you'd be using with a lower-potency strain.

Do cannabis seeds contain THC?

Strangely enough cannabis do not contain any THC in seed form. However, each and every seed has been crafted to perfection by our breeders and contains all of the ingredients to grow a cannabis plant full of THC rich bud. All you need to do is provide the soil.

How To Grow High THC Seeds

Buying high THC seeds: If you want to grow the strongest possible weed then it makes sense to grow our highest THC strains. Strains like Godfather OG, Gorilla Glue and THC Bomb have all been lab tasted with levels of over 25% THC.

Time your harvests for optimum potency: To really get the most out of your buds you need to learn to time your harvests to when the buds contain peak THC levels. There is a 2–3 week window at the end of the flowering stage when buds are their most potent. Use a magnifying glass to assess the trichomes. When they have turned a milky white. This is when the trichomes contain most THC - Harvest now for a potent high!

Ensure your plants and buds are healthy: Keep your plants healthy and happy throughout the grow, this may seem obvious but by reducing plant stress your buds are much more likely to produce higher THC levels.

Environment: You should also try to replicate a plant’s natural environment as closely as possible; this means keeping tabs on the climate in your grow room, which is easily done if you get yourself a good thermometer and humidity monitor.

Use Good quality grow lights: Although cannabis plants can grow in low light conditions both using a good quality high power grow light will not only help you to produce high THC weed but also massively increase yield. High Power grow lights or simply growing outdoors in summer will help to increase THC along with the other cannabinoids found in marijuana.

Which Seeds Have The Highest THC?

Godfather OG – Winning the best indica category in 2016 and at the same time breaking the Cannabis Cup record with a 34% THC level, Godfather OG is an incredibly potent strain and is the strongest weed strain in the world.

Bruce Banner – In 2013 Bruce Banner broke the record at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup as the highest lab tested strain with a whopping 28.35% THC.

Gorilla Glue – Winning both the Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cups in 2014 Gorilla Glue went on to then produce an impressive 25.8% THC when it was lab tested in 2015 at the San Francisco Cannabis Cup.

Buy The Highest THC Seeds USA

If you live in the USA and want to grow the strongest strains of weed you're in the right place. MSNL cannabis seed bank now has offices in New York delivering your high THC seeds directly to your door in 3-5 days. So what are you waiting for? Let's get growing.

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