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What is Butane Hash Oil Extracting?

Marijuana butane hash oil is essentially a modern spin on the long-established and generally perfectly safe practice of extracting the cannabinoids from cannabis for use either internally as cannabis edibles or externally as cannabis concentrates.Cannabis edibles, by definition, have to extract the cannabinoids into an edible substances, which can then be used for cooking, unsalted butter being the classic choice although these days some of those using cannabis edibles for health purposes are exploring the benefits of alternative oils such as coconut oil.  Rick Simpson Oil is an example of how cannabis concentrates can be made safely with the help of solvents to extract the medicinal cannabinoids.  Butane hash oil follows the same basic idea, but is rather more controversial.

What is Marijuana Butane Hash Oil?

Cannabinoids have to be extracted from marijuana using either fat or a solvent.  Butane is a particularly effective solvent and hence does a very good job of extracting the goodness from cannabis.  The key point to well-made butane hash oil is that once you have your butane/marijuana liquid, you then purge it, so that you eliminate as much as possible of the butane, leaving only the health-giving cannabinoids.  The result is an extremely strong cannabis concentrate, which can be used in very small and therefore very economical doses.  Used properly, advocates argue, marijuana butane hash oil, is probably a whole lot healthier than the traditional act of smoking marijuana given that we now know that smoke, even smoke from marijuana, can cause numerous health issues.

It has to be recognized the many of the negative press surrounding marijuana butane hash oil stems from cases of people making it badly and/or using it inappropriately.  It does, however, also have to be recognized that these risks are very real and can have serious consequences both for the person responsible for them and for other people.

Is Butane Hash Oil Dangerous? 

Let’s try putting this into perspective.  If you think back to your high-school days, you may remember the mnemonic “monkeys eat peanut butter” as a way to remember the names of various hydrocarbon molecules.  The further you went up the list, the more carbon atoms were in the molecule and the more flammable the substance became.  The proper names of the molecules to which the mnemonic refers are: methane, ethane, propane and butane.  As you can see, butane is the furthest up this list, which is why it is used in cigarette lighters and for camping gas cylinders.

It is highly flammable and needs to be treated with proper care and respect.  To put this in context, a young man called David Schultz is currently serving a 9 year sentence in a Seattle prison for causing a fire which hospitalized 7 people and killed one (who died of her injuries as she was trying to escape the fire).  He caused the fire when he was trying to make marijuana butane hash oil.

If you’re tempted to think “only in the U.S.A.”, think again, another young man called Scott Peden is currently serving a sentence of 6 years and 4 months after causing an explosion which injured several people and killed a dog and a cat.  He was also trying to make marijuana butane hash oil.  In fact, both the U.S. and the U.K. have reported a marked increase in fire-related injuries and deaths related to people attempting to make marijuana butane hash oil.

While we understand that a lot of perfectly legal and, let’s be honest, very tasty food and drinks can be chock full of questionable chemicals, energy drinks come to mind as an obvious example, we’d suggest there are limits and the sort of chemicals which could be found in marijuana butane hash oil and well out of our tolerance zone.  We understand the argument that well-made marijuana butane hash oil should be safe, but the question then becomes one of knowing whether or not the marijuana butane hash oil you use is well-made unless you make it yourself and really know what you’re doing, which takes practice, which creates an obvious problem.

Be extremely careful about how you handle the butane and make your marijuana butane hash oil somewhere away from other people, so at least the only risk is to yourself.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 5th October 2017

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