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What is Landrace Marijuana?

There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of marijuana strains throughout the world today. Most of those strains are strains that have been crossbred to create a new strain. By crossbreeding different strains, growers and breeders can get the cannabis that will be best for them and their customers, whether they’re looking for a strain with super medicinal effects, or a strain that’s crazy high in THC. In today’s marijuana world, if you’re smoking there’s a good chance you’re smoking a strain that’s been crossbred. Unless of course, you’re smoking a landrace marijuana strain.

Landrace marijuana strains are strains that are indigenous to a region and that have never been crossbred with any other strain. Because of this, landrace strains won’t have the same characteristics of other marijuana strains. Their genetics simply won’t be as complex, because their heritage doesn’t go back as far, and what growers are then left with is a strain that’s simpler and more stable.

This is one reason why growers look for landrace strains today. They’re more predictable in terms of what they’ll do in the grow room (plant height, bloom phase lengths, light requirements, feeding nutrients, etc.) and they also provide a different high. Again, landrace strains haven’t been crossbred with anything so the high that comes with them is sometimes more manageable than the high that comes with crossbred strains that can be extremely potent.

While it would be easy to think that landrace strains are harder to track down than crossbred strains, some of today’s most popular strains are actually traced back to having landrace genetics. Here are some of the most popular that are around today.

Afghan Landrace Afghan Marijuana
    • Afghan. This purely indica strain comes from the Hindu Kush Mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Due to its indica heritage, this strain is known for making users sleepy, giving them the munchies, and inducing intense relaxation. It’s also got a strong earthy smell with just a hint of sweetness.


  • Columbia Gold. Anyone could guess that this strain comes from the South American country for which it was named. This strain brings with it a strong skunk smell, with undernotes of lemon and lime. This strain is known for its pain and stress-relieving properties, and it’s also got a bit of mood booster that allows users to keep energized with a creative focus. 


    durban-poison Durban Poison
  • Durban Poison. This is a strain that hails from South Africa and that has flowers that give off quite a spicy smell, although the taste is more citrus. A cerebral high is the most noticeable, with giggling bouts and relaxation to be common. Durban Poison will also give users a bit of energy.

Landrace genetics are really just genetics that have never been messed with. And in today’s highly crossbred world of marijuana, they can be a refreshing find.

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