Hitting shelves only a few years ago, the Cereal Milk cannabis strain rapidly became a best seller coast to coast. This almost perfectly balanced hybrid comes from a long line of fire new-school genetics, so it's no real surprise that it gained a level of hype rarely seen in the weed scene these days.

What exactly makes Cereal Milk such a great strain, and the perfect option for the masses?

There's a lot that goes into Cereal Milk's high-end pedigree. From its Snowman and Y-Life lineage, it inherits a complex terpene profile with notes of mint and sweetness that accompanies the smooth smoke, and a punchy cannabinoid percentage sure to satisfy even the most experienced consumers.

Get your breakfast spoons ready, because we are digging deep into the sweet bowl that is Cereal Milk...

What Strain Is Cereal Milk?

One of the original strains of the Cookies seed breeders, one of the most prestigious seed banks in California and a huge player on the US scene, Cereal Milk is a hybrid strain that blends two potent cultivars.

  • On one side of the equation, we have Snowman - Directly bred from Girl Scout Cookies, this cultivar is all about decadence. Cream and vanilla are the order of the day here, a perfect kick-back and relax strain.
  • The other half is Y Life - Also part of the GSC family tree but with Cherry Pie and Sunset Sherbet mixed in to really boost those genetics.

Cereal Milk takes what we love from both sides, mixes it together, and creates a unique flavor profile that really sets it apart from other strains. In this brave new world of weed, potency is sometimes taken as the be-all and end-all. And sure, we all love a heavy bud, but when you can find something that packs a punch while also standing out from the crowd, it's something to be treasured.

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What Is The Terpene Profile Of Cereal Milk?

Caryophyllene  0.2%
Pinene  0.1%
Ocimene, Humulene0.6%

What Are The Effects Of Cereal Milk Weed?

cereal milk buds in a jar

Thanks to the almost perfect split of both Sativa and Indica genetics, the high that Cereal Milk offers is equal parts energizing and relaxing.

Kicking things off with a creative and energetic boost, unless you have the tolerance of a weed newbie, this strain won’t blow your head off with THC. Tipping the scales at anywhere between 18 to 22%, the high is a slow driver, and won’t be taking you into hyperspace. She's no slouch though, best to dip those toes in and see where it takes you.

As the high continues, that energy starts to settle down and the body high that Cereal Milk offers gradually takes over. The transition is as smooth as the smoke, and you’ll soon find yourself in a position of pure calm.

What Do Medical Users Say About Cereal Milk Weed Strain?

Overly energetic strains can sometimes trigger light anxiety, especially in new users. Luckily that's not the case with Cereal Milk. Mental clarity is the name of the game, and this clearness can help with seeing the world from a different, more positive perspective. Focus also increases, and this combination has been shown to resonate with people suffering from depression and anxiety-related conditions.

As for physical ailments, Cereal Milk is a great choice for those suffering from headaches and muscle tension. Cereal Milk can relax tight muscles and give relief from pain, all while keeping your head in the game.

Users also find that Cereal Milk can be used to treat some of the more serious medical conditions such as glaucoma and inflammation.

Does Cereal Milk Make You Sleepy?

No, not to begin with anyway. Once the initial Sativa buzz clears, relaxation takes center stage - but if you are looking for a strain that will help reduce insomnia symptoms then you might want to look elsewhere.

What Is Cereal Milk Like To Grow?

One of the downsides to new-school genetics is the sometimes 'fussiness' of such plants. Not so with the Cereal Milk strain - this is one of the most low-maintenance strains you can find, ideal for both beginners and experts alike, and offering explosive growth in a wide range of climatic conditions.

The Cereal Milk cannabis strain likes a slightly heavier than usual feed, especially if grown hydroponically or in coco-coir. For most growers, we do suggest going down the coco-coir route with this one, as it helps to bring out the unique terpene profiles and flavors that make this strain so special.

In terms of plant training, this strain can take a true beating. ScrOGging is recommended, as is some heavy defoliation and super cropping (all in the veg stage of course). You can hit her with another round of pruning a few weeks into flower development, but be more cautious and only remove the leaves that are covering the bud sites. This will lower any chance of having to deal with the dreaded bud rot, opening up the canopy for extra airflow and light penetration.

Cereal Milk Strain FAQ

Is Cereal Milk Indica Or Sativa?

Cereal Milk is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid. Depending on the phenotype, the split will be anywhere from around 60/40 to closer to 50/50.

How Strong Is Cereal Milk?

Again, this is phenotype dependent, but also reliant on your skill as a cultivator and the environmental conditions. Generally, Cereal Milk tests between 18 to 22%, with some outliars tipping the scale at plus 25%.

Who Bred Cereal Milk?

The guys and gals over at Cookies are responsible for this strain, along with a huge range of other amazing cannabis cultivars.

How Long Does Cereal Milk Strain Take To Flower Outdoors?

Anywhere between 10 to 12 weeks usually, depending on the climate and the amount of direct sunlight it receives. Indoors, you can expect Cereal Milk to finish up a little quicker, 9 to 11 weeks from flower production really getting into swing, with some phenos finishing in as little as 56 days.