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Top 10 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

Yield is what cannabis growers call their harvest.  Indoor growers tend to measure it per metre of growing space.  Outdoor growers tend to measure it in grams per plant.  There are a lot of factors which can influence yield.  This makes it very difficult to give broad estimates of how much bud you can expect to collect.  As a rough rule of thumb, however, these days 400g/2 to 500g/m2 would be a baseline estimate for indoor marijuana strains.  Similarly, 500g per plant to 600g per plant would be a baseline estimate for outdoor marijuana strains. 

Highest Yielding Strains 

Some strains are known for their potential to produce big yields.  These include both indoor cannabis strains and outdoor cannabis strains.  Many of the highest yielding strains can produce great results both indoors and outdoors.  Some, however, have a clear preference for either indoor or outdoor growing. 

We’ve put together a list of the 10 highest yielding strains around.  Instead of looking at just the headline figures, we’ve looked at the yield-to-effort ratio.  Our list includes a mixture of Indicas, Sativas and hybrids.  All the strains we’ve chosen are robust and reliable.  This means that even beginners should be able to collect a decent harvest.  You may need more experience to collect truly spectacular yields.  The potential, however, is definitely there.   

This article refers to the photoperiod version of these strains.  The autoflowering versions will also typically produce high yields - for autoflowering strains.  The yields will, however, usually be lower than from photoperiod strains.  

Top 5 Highest Yielding Strains Indoors 

Big Bud 

Indica dominant, Big Bud is descended from Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk No. 1.  It’s long been widely recognized as the OG high yield strain.  Back in the day, 600g/m2 was a spectacular harvest.  Even these days, it’s pretty impressive, especially since Big Bud is so compact.  Indoors it will max out at about 1.5M.  What’s more, it also has great resistance to mould, diseases and pests.  In short, give this strain some basic care and it will reward you well. 

It has an average of 20% THC and 0.1% CBD and makes a great evening strain. 

THC Bomb

Thc bomb strain

Indica dominant, THC Bomb has top-secret genetics.  It is, however, well-known that this is one of the highest yielding strains available today.  Specifically, THC Bomb can deliver up to 650g/m2.  What’s more, it produces truly pint-sized plants.  Indoors they will usually max out at about 1M.  As well as being very short, this strain is also very robust.  In particular, it has good resistance to mould.  

It has an average of 20% to 25% THC and 1% CBD and is generally used at night. 

Casey Jones 

Sativa dominant, Casey Jones, is descended from Trainwreck, Thai and Sour Diesel.  Indoors, it can deliver up to 450g/m2.  By itself, this may not seem like much.  The key point, however, is that this strain is tiny.  Indoors it can stay as short as 1M in height.  This is in spite of the fact that it is 80% Sativa.  As an added bonus, it’s also very robust and undemanding.  Basically, this is a Sativa even beginners can handle. 

It has an average of 20% THC and 0.2% CBD and makes a great day time strain.

Critical Mass 

Indica dominant, Critical Mass is descended from Afghani and Skunk #1.  It can yield an amazing, 800g/m2.  This makes it one of the highest yielding strains available today.  What’s more, it has a maximum indoor height of just 1.5M.  It also has really robust genetics.  Its one weakness is a tendency to mould.  This is because its buds are so dense they take a very long time to dry out.  This is why it’s often treated as an “indoor only” strain.  Certainly, indoor growers are likely to achieve the best yields. 

It has an average of 20% THC and 5% CBD and is generally used at night. 

Industrial Plant 

Balanced hybrid, Industrial Plant is descended from Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa.  Indoors it can yield up to 1Kg/m2.  It is, however, a relatively tall strain.  Even indoors it can reach 2M in height.  It also needs space to spread outwards.  Remember, this is a balanced hybrid.  It is not a Sativa dominant.  On the plus side, this strain has very solid genetics.  It is, therefore, a fairly straightforward grow. 

It has an average of 20% THC and low CBD and can be used day or night.

Top 5 Highest Yielding Strains Outdoors 

Gorilla Glue 

Indica dominant, Gorilla Glue is already something of a legend.  Its genetic background includes Chem's Sister, Chocolate Diesel & Sour Dubb.  This strain is most famous for its THC content.  It is, however, also a monster yielder.  Outdoors it can deliver up to 600g per plant.  What’s more, it’s not actually that tall.  Grown outside it can reach up to 2M.  It also has great resistance to mould, diseases and pests. 

It has an average of 28% THC and 0.35% CBD and is generally used in the evening.

Super Skunk 

super skunk strainSativa dominant, Super Skunk rounds off the list of highest-yielding strains.  It’s a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghan.  Outdoors, this strain can produce up to 650g per plant.  Its height is a fairly reasonable 2 metres.  It is, however, fairly bushy.  This means it does need plenty of space to spread.  On the plus side, it’s very robust and undemanding.  This strain is definitely a low-hassle grow. 

It has an average of 20% THC and 1% CBD and is generally used in the evening.

Thai Stick 

Pure Sativa, Thai Stick is a Thai landrace strain.  Outdoors, it can yield a monumental 2Kg per plant.  This definitely makes it one of the highest yielding strains available today.  There is, however, a price to pay for this.  Firstly, it grows to gigantic heights.  Take it as read that it will top 2 metres.  In fact, be prepared for it to reach 4 metres.  Secondly, it takes its sweet time to grow.  The outdoor harvest is late October.  Thirdly, it will only be happy in a really warm, dry climate and can often hermie if it gets cold.  On the plus side, otherwise, it’s generally very robust. 

It has an average of 18% THC and low CBD and is commonly used during the day. 

Mango Haze 

Sativa dominant, Mango Haze is a cross between Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and Haze.  Outdoors it can yield up to 750g per plant.  You should expect it to reach at least 2 metres in height.  It will also need space to grow outwards.  The reason is that it is only just Sativa dominant.  The Indica genetics help to keep the height down and make for a more bushy plant.  Overall Mango Haze is a robust variety.  It could be a good choice for beginners. 

It has an average of 19% THC and 0.12% CBD. and is generally used during the day. 

Critical Sour 

Indica dominant, Critical Sour is bred from (Maroc x Grapefruit) x (Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical).  Outdoors it can yield up to 250g per plant.  Objectively, this does not make it one of the highest yielding strains around.  In fact, it may seem even less impressive given this strain’s height.  Outdoors it can easily reach 2.5M.  The key point, however, is that Critical Sour is an “almost autoflowering” strain.  Basically it’s a photoperiod strain with lots of autoflowing genetics.  This means that it takes absolutely minimal effort to grow. 

It has an average of 20% THC and moderate CBD and is mostly used in the evening.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 22nd July 2019

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