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Northern Storm Auto

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Northern Storm Automatic Feminized Seeds


Any 2 for 20% off

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Northern Storm is the automatic version of the popular Northern Lights strain, it is enhanced by exceptionally high resin production giving this strain a snow storm appearance. Not only is this strain exceedingly beautiful, it also boasts of a mind blowing tropical aroma. The sativa effects are smashing and will leave users feeling like they have been handed a new lease to life. The THC content in this strain is 10%- 14%. However, this variety works like magic when you need to arrest stubborn pain. It is a high yielding strain that grows easily in different environments. It flowers independently of the light cycle which makes it ideal for growers who require a harvest in the shortest time possible.

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Originating from the Netherlands, Northern Storm is an infusion of three powerful strains: Northern Lights, Snow Storm, and Ruderalis strains all which give this strain some unique characteristics. You can easily pick out the inherited traits from the appearance, aroma, and effects produced by Northern Storm.

It is an indica dominant strain with 70% indica and 30% sativa traits. The trichome coverage is remarkable in this strain. You can hardly see the green leaves below the silvery white layer of resin glands when the plants are ready for harvest. This says a lot about the cannabinoid and terpene content of this strain. It is beneficial for both medicinal and recreational users.

Strain Effects

This is the ultimate go-to strain for users seeking an instant headrush. This is not a racy or heart thumping strain but the effects cannot be underestimated. The usual “wobble” that signals the beginning of a high sets in immediately the THC hits the bloodstream. This will feel like you are losing touch with world around you and soon enough you will be floating in outer space. This strain is a real “northern storm” in every sense of the word.

As far as potency goes, Northern Storm Automatic will hold its own against any photoperiod any time of the day. The cerebral high lasts for a solid 3 hours before fading out and leaving the users in a state of deep relaxation. It is a good trigger for the munchies. If you are having problems with your appetite this is the strain to try.

Growing info

Northern Storm Automatic is an autoflowering strain that is easy grows easily in different environments. It is a strain that responds well to training and will do with moderate nutrient levels. This makes it very beginner friendly.

This strain gives yields that are on the higher side. It takes about 65 days for this strain to mature regardless of the light cycle. It does particularly well in an indoor environment where growing conditions can be controlled. If you are an outdoor grower don’t hesitate to try out this high yielding strain, just make sure that temperature and humidity are in check.

Appearance and Aroma

Starting with the aroma, a mix of woodsy and fruity scents dominate this strain. The typical cannabis “skunky” smell is weak but clean.

The appearance is typical of sativas; tall and slender plants with fluffy buds and thin finger like leaves. The hues are a mix of deep and light greens with amber coloured pistils that turn to deep brown when the buds are cured. The snowflake appearance of the resin glands qualify this beautiful strain to the cannabis hall of fame.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Northern Storm Automatic is a strain that we can confidently recommend for growers looking for an auto flowering sativa dominant hybrid that gives high yields. Given the fruity aroma, this strain also appeals to growers who value privacy and would not want to announce the existence of their canopy to nosy neighbours.

The scent is appealing while the taste is delectable. The cerebral high is invigorating and refreshing without being overwhelming. This is a strain that can be of use both medically and recreationally.

YIELD 200-300g/sm
Tasting Notes

Fresh buds have herbal scent with sweet notes. Once you light up this strain it produces a fragrance that is fruity and wood-scented. Hints of diesel can be detected from a distance. On the exhale the taste of tangerines is left in the mouth. Most users consider this a pleasant strain that is palate friendly.

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Northern Storm Auto
  • "This is some fire!"

    Review by

    Just harvested at 11 weeks,smoked some after drying for a week and damn this weed is good.Will give some people couch lock while others will be climbing trees!No bs,my friend started climbing a tree after a couple some will get that energetic high.It lays me back though,may try some in the morn and see if i get that energy then.If you smoke a lot everyday this weed will still kick your ass.Youll have to ride the storm then.Havent weighed yet,waiting till fully dry.Looks like 2 oz though.Only grew 1 indoors.But i have 3 going now.Will reorder again.

  • "Beautiful 3 leaf strain!"

    Review by

    At 8 weeks now and she is making some nice trichome covered buds.Leaves were 5 to 7 leaves in veg,now has beautiful dark green,covered in fuzz 3 leaf buds.Company says 60to65 days but it looks like it will be more like 75to90 but that is cool with me cuz they are so enticing,and they need more time to put on weight.She will stay short but her buds will suprise you!

  • "Great"

    Review by

    I dont know why some people are knocking the plant but still giving 5 stars?I planted 1 of these and 3 other strains from this company and every single one is growing vigorously,just started flowering on week3!Easy to grow! Im using kratky method with Advanced Nutrients line.Will post update when harvest

  • "15 weeks from seed"

    Review by

    Full of frost, very good buzz but I can bud out regular seed quicker than autos. The only thing about some autos is outdoors you can get 2 harvest in a growing season.

  • "Weird"

    Review by

    I purchased a 5 pack of these autos, every one had a different appearance that's just weird. I'm thinking the seeds were all different strains? The last one is the only one that looks like the pics I've seen on this site. Maybe I'll finally know how it's supposed to look? I hope anyways. Got barely any useable buds off the 1st 4 I tried, very disappointed

  • "Fast!"

    Review by

    Got 3 seeds free. 1 DOA, 1 germed, 1 still in bag. DWC hydro setup, 600W MH/HPS. Fox Farm nutrients. Flowered by week 3, and now (week 8) it is about 2 1/2 ft high, has 1 huge cola, and several smaller ones. Spicy but mild aroma. Estimate 1/2 to 2/3 oz harvest. Dried and tried a small bud, tad harsh will get better with curing. Potent smoke. Beautiful plant. Wish I could post pics! Will buy more.

  • "Low odor"

    Review by

    Decent production alright smoke expected more from this stain

  • "Smooth Taste"

    Review by

    This strain has a smooth clean taste quality buzz and decent production for an auto flowering strain. Very low odor makes it easy to carry with you without everyone knowing you have it.

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