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OG Cookies Feminized
New Product

OG Cookies Feminized Seeds

Taking two of the most loved strains in the world and crossing them together is a big task to get right, but OG Cookies smashes it out of the park. A perfect combination of the sumptuous flavour profiles, super hard hitting levels of THC and vigorous growth. OG Kush crossed with Girl Scout cookies really is a marriage made in heaven.
  • Feminized
  • High Yield
  • Indica
  • Therapeutic
  • Medium Height
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If you look at two of the most popular strains of the last decade the two top slots could well go to Girl scout cookies and OG Kush, so crossing these together was a no brainer. The resulting strain OG Cookies is a perfect hybrid mix of Indica and Sativa. We new that both of these are renowned for their taste so ensuring that the resulting cross maintained this was key. Plus, as the therapeutic properties of the parents were well established and widely used, it was critical that the potency and relaxing effects carried through.

Strain Effects

This is a hard hitting strain. There is no doubting that the OG Kush body stone comes through very soon after the first toke. By the end of the fist joint or good bowl, the deep narcotic nature of the stone is even more apparent. Because of the more uplifting genetics from GSC the more cerebral effects are also amplified meaning that you will feel this strain in your whole body from head to toe. THC levels are measured in excess of 20%, often coming in between 23-25%, so this is not a strain to be taken lightly. What that does mean is that there are excellent medical benefits, particularly in terms of pain relief, stress relief and help with sleep disorders like insomnia.

Growing info

OG cookies is a medium height strain, finishing around 120cm indoors and up to 3m outdoors in optimum conditions. Looking slightly more sativa in terms of overall structure and bud shape, the leaves still show more of a broad Indica like shape. A real plus is the wider internodal spacing and high bud to leaf ratio. This means you get excellent light penetration deep into the plant which will help swell the buds and also makes for much easier trimming come harvest time.

The yield is very good, in a SOG setup you can expect 500-600gsm outdoors 800-1kg per plant can be achieved with the right conditions. You can be generous with nutrients to help achieve these yields as OG Cookies is a heavy feeder.

Appearance and Aroma

To look at the overall shape of the plant can appear quite airy because of the wider branch spacing, but this is not the case with the buds themselves. They are dense and covered with resin, almost like a pine cone dipped in silvery honey. The leaves are slightly more indica shaped and are lighter green that a classic OG Kush. The GSC lineage shows through in the slightly purple and pinkish hues that develop on both the buds and the shade leaves. These all combine to make her a beautiful looking lady. As you would expect from the parents the aroma is powerful. Rich, sweet and earthy tones prevail during the vegetative period increasing as the flowering stages kick in. Be warned if you are looking to keep this strain discreet, you will need some serious filters in your grow room!

MSNL Editors Verdict

OG Cookies is a real contender for our top Indica, if not possibly our favourite strain outright. The taste and aroma are heavenly and the stone is nothing short of a knockout. Definitely give this strain a try but be warned, she packs a serious punch.

YIELD 400g - 500g/m2
Tasting Notes

The aroma when you break open a bag is delightfully sugary and rich. The blend of kush earthiness and vanilla sweetness is uniquely blended together and it comes through beautifully on the inhale. When you exhale the more spicy and skunky overtones begin to kick in making for a delightful experience.