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Top Rated High THC Marijuana Seeds

10 Strains
  • white lsd auto seeds

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    White LSD Auto Feminized


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    Autoflowering cross of highly potent White LSD
    Dense, hard resinous buds
    Finishes in under 70 days from seed
    Big yielding autoflower More Info
  • G13 Haze Seeds
    G13 Haze
    One of the strongest strains available
    Supposedly a secret government project
    G13 Haze is a legendary strain, glistening with resin
    Bred for maximum potency and renowned for its medical use it's not for the faint hearted! More Info
  • Super Silver Haze Seeds
    Super Silver Haze
    Super potent haze variety crossed with a high yielding skunk with very high level of THC (17-21%)
    Strong, clear, cerebral high
    Super Silver Haze could be of interest for medical applications. More Info
  • Black Domino Seeds
    Black Domino Feminized
    The Dark Destroyer has arrived!
    Black Domino is a 4 way hybrid indica
    Black Domino has broad leaves and dense peppery buds coated with resin
    Good option for growers of all experience. More Info
  • chemdog feminized marijuana
    Chemdog Feminized
    Legendary strain from California
    Massive yields 700g/m2 +
    THC 21% +
    Excellent medical qualities More Info
  • Headband OG
    Headband OG Feminized
    Legendary Californian strain
    Knockout stone
    Strong yields
    THC 20% + More Info
  • Strawberry Cough Marijuana Seeds
    Strawberry Cough Feminized
    Strawberry Cough is a very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb
    Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high
    Produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful high
    Sweet strawberry taste and aroma. Strawberry Cough seeds are easy to grow. More Info
  • Super Sweet Tooth Feminized marijuana
    Super Sweet Tooth Fem
    White Widow Max x Sweet Tooth cross
    Big yielding, potent white strain
    Highly resinous with a sweet tasting smoke
    Fast finishing, medical strain More Info
  • THC Snow feminized marijuana
    THC Snow Feminized
    3 way hybrid of THC Bomb, White Russian and Big Bud
    Knockout stone
    Lemon, fuel and spice taste
    Resinous & crystalline with red hairs
    Great mix of yield and strength More Info
  • Seeds
    White Rhino Feminized
    Winner of Cannabis Cup
    Very strong, almost 20% THC
    High Yield
    Indica/Sativa Mix More Info