It’s almost 710, AKA OIL day which means the cannabis community is celebrating what some strains do better than others - produce high levels of resin. This gooey material is made in the trichomes of the marijuana plant and contains flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, essentially all of the compounds responsible for why people enjoy cannabis. 

Thanks to its high THC content, when a gene packs on a heavy coating of resin, it’s ideal for making concentrates such as butane hash oilwax or shatter, and Rick Simpson Oil AKA RSO. Not to mention, the strain’s glistening crystals of kief can be highly potent, too. That’s why we’ve put together the top 10 best strains for making extracts and concentrates, to ring in this year’s 710 day with the most sticky-icky and tastiest buds.  


    Top 10 Best Strains for Extraction & Concentrates   

    Over the years, extractors and cultivators alike are discovering that some strains output resin more vigorously than others during the extraction process.

    1. Gorilla Glue

    gorilla glue strain

    Gorilla Glue is a beast of a strain that’s notable for its beloved and potent hybrid effects, and high levels of THC. This award winner or GG for short is easily capable of reaching 25-30% THC. Which comes from a heavy coating of trichomes, and natural resin production that’s ideal for extraction. The effects will boost your energy while easing stress or depression and relaxing the body of aches and pains.   

    The plant's densely packed buds are not only chock-full of potent compounds to heighten highs but a crave-worthy flavor and aroma too. Gorilla Glue is dynamic and pungent in taste with punches of sour citrus, and classic skunk-like flavors. This strain’s abundance of terpenes translates well, for a flavor-packed dab or hit of Gorilla Glue concentrate, too. Ideal for the beginner, or advanced growers, Gorilla Glue matures with ease and packs on the weight for heavy yields of resinous flower.  

    2. White Widow

    White widow strain

    The name White Widow didn't come from just anywhere - in fact, it’s due to the hybrid’s hefty layer of white crystals chock-full of resin. A classic from the Netherlands, White Widow has been a staple across the industry for decades. It boasts a moderate level of THC around 15-18% for a well-balanced buzz that’s loved by many. The effects are known to come on fast, promotes sociability, creativity and raises your spirits with a giddy euphoria.   

    Its white glistening coating of trichomes not only delivers its namesake but its sticky reputation too. White Widow is a joy to grow, showing off its sparkling appearance early and treating growers to a quick flowering time of just 8-10 weeks. From your first dab, you’ll fall in love with the strain’s refreshing flavors, of citrus, pine with hints of earthiness.   

    3. OG Kush

    og kush strain

    Another classic that makes our list of the 10 best strains for extracts and concentrates is the one and only OG Kush. OG Kush has a long and mysterious past but one thing is for sure - the strain is popular for its heavy icing of resin. Which produces long-lasting effects and superior aroma and flavor. The nearly equal indica to sativa hybrid has moderate to high levels of THC, around 19-22% delivering a well-balanced buzz. Its effects are perfect for day or night, with mood-enhancing qualities and a highly cerebral experience. 

    OG Kush grows like a true indica, and sparkles with a silver coating of resin-heavy trichomes, that produce decent levels of fragrant extract. New or veteran growers will have no problem cultivating higher than normal yields. Fresh, and natural, OG Kush ignites the senses with its deep, dank earthy aroma and hints of zesty citrus and spice.   

    4. Grandaddy Purple

    grandaddy purple strain

    Grandaddy Purple doesn’t just stun with a beautiful appearance, but with impressive resin production for oil and concentrate extraction, too. Also known as GDP, many seek out this strain for its pretty purple color, but come back for its delightfully soothing effects. Specifically bred to be the most premium ‘true’ indica and highly potent. Meaning, Grandaddy Purple will deliver elevated THC levels for concentrates too. The strain is easily capable of reaching up to 27% in some phenotypes, for an intense and potent buzz that’s body-heavy and can uplift the mood.   

    The attention to detail with breeding, also means GDP is hardy in nature and easy to grow for any skill level. It thrives in indoor or outdoor environments but be sure to have odor neutralizing measures in place for the plant’s pungent aromas. Grandaddy Purple smells and tastes as good as she looks, with a natural, sweet grape aroma that has crisp herbal, pepper and pine undertones.  

    5. Hash Bomb

    hash bomb strain

    With a name like Hash Bomb, you know a strain is going to be good for hash, oil or concentrates. Hash Bomb might not be as notable as the previous strains on our list, but is quickly rising in popularity for its exploding resin production. The strain was bred with classic genetics for stable growth and produces moderate levels of THC. Slightly indica dominant Hash Bomb’s high relaxes the body and is calming, sedative and tranquillizing for the mind. 

    Hash Bomb is perfect for discrete growers, as its aroma is uniquely tame. With a medium height too, the strain is ideal for indoor growth, especially in small spaces. The strain is a delight to grow, and covered in heavy resin ‘bombs’ for premium oil extraction. Hash Bomb easily transforms into concentrates, or ‘hash’ and comes with a slight incense scent for a classic ‘hashish’ experience all-around.   

    6. White Rhino

    white rhnio

    Like White Widow, White Rhino is appropriately named for the heavy coating of white trichomes it produces, abundant in resin. Making the strain the #6 best for making extracts and concentrates. White Rhino, although lesser-known, is powerful in potency and quality and is already winning industry awards. This indica dominant strain is capable of reaching THC levels up to 25% for an intense high, for the body and mind. Ideal for nighttime, White Rhino can ease pain and insomnia symptoms.  

    Even better for the home grower,  White Rhino is compact which makes it easier to conceal. Despite its smaller size, the strain still produces high yields of resin-dense buds, that mature in just 8-10 weeks. Its natural aroma comes through in oil and concentrates, along with its fresh tastes of earthiness, and a syrup that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

    7. Bubblegum bubblegum strain

    Bubblegum pops with delicious flavors, and delights with resin-coated buds that make it a great choice for extraction purposes. Quickly becoming a staple amongst cannabis connoisseurs, Bubblegum is stacking awards for its indica fuelled effects and quality. Standard levels of THC around 15-18% produce a well-mannered high that’s calming for the body, and uplifting for the mind. The strain is ideal for promoting creativity too and is quite euphoric for that quintessential old-school buzz.   

    Bubblegum’s light, airy and compact buds burst with the classic bubblegum flavor. These terpenes are just as abundant and tasty in extract and concentrate form. On the exhale, you’re treated to subtle earthy tones that are so smooth you’ll keep coming back for more. To add to its list of perks, Bubblegum is just as satisfying for growers, too. The plants typically mature in just 8-9 weeks and are compact for ultimate discretion, indoors or outdoors.   

    8. THC Snow  

    thc snow strain

    There’s no doubt that THC Snow deserves a spot on the top 10 best strains for making extracts and concentrates. As its name suggests, this strain has a frosty white appearance, with buds that are saturated with sticky resin. THC Snow comes from a great genetic lineage, which contributes to its overall quality, and consistent levels of THC. The strain boasts levels up to 22% and delivers a good balance of indica and sativa effects. THC Snow calms the mind while energizing the body with a focused motivation.  

    More than just effects, THC Snow is a beauty to grow too. The strain’s crystally covering of trichomes extends to nearly every part of the plant, fan leaves, stems, and buds too. So, for extraction purposes, you can use more material from the plant, increasing the final yield of oil or concentrate. Crisp, like winter, THC snow delivers a refreshing citrus scent that has undertones of fuel, and spice.

    9. White Lightning

    white lightning

    Sticking with the theme of ‘white’ strains for extracts and concentrates, next we have  White Lightning. Another sparkling rendition of an indica dominant hybrid, White Lightning comes from two cultivation classics - Northern Lights and White Widow. The result is a gorgeous but potent strain, favored for its stress-relieving effects. White Lightning is relaxing for the body while uplifting the mind and easing aches and pains also..  

    Growing wise, White Lightning is just as pleasurable and matures with vigor and ease. It can benefit from hydroponics set-ups, and shine even brighter with high-quality LEDs. Although, no matter your environment White Lightning manages to brighten any room with its glistening heavy coating of resin, ideal for oil and concentrate extraction. Its terpenes add to the strain’s allure, with soothing citrus and spice combo.  

    10. Mazar

    mazar strain

    Mazar isn’t as popular today, but has been on the scene for quite some time and is notorious amongst oil extractors. A runner up in the 1999 Cannabis Cup,, Mazar is loved for its potency and effects for medical use. This indica dominant cannabis strain is easily capable of reaching 22% THC and is covered in resin just waiting to be extracted and turned into some delicious aromatic hash or some other concentrate of your choice. Its effects are highly sedating for the body, and relaxing for stresses of the mind.   

    For growers, Mazar thrives indoors or outdoors although it does prefer a warmer climate. Medium heights make the strain easily manageable as does the slight aroma, for discretion purposes. Near the end of its moderate growing time of 8-10 weeks, it becomes more pungent with a Christmas-tree like aroma, earthy, hashy, sweet and, spicy.   

    Celebrating 710 

    There’s nothing like a crystal-coated resinous sticky bud especially when you’re extracting those abundant resin glands, to make oil or concentrates. Concentrates are rising in popularity due to their clean, pure and potent characteristics. So much so, that the cannabis community now has a mid-year holiday to celebrate OIL in true stoner fashion. If you’re seeking to celebrate 710 to the fullest, choose one of our top 10 strains for extracts and concentrates for an extraordinarily resin-full experience.